Dominio Wine

" One of the main reasons that led him to promote this new winery is the loss of the principal assets of the Ribera del Duero: old vines that, although well appointed in every wine projects is rather limited. Sisseck recalls with pain as the final consolidation of holdings in the municipality of La Horra has Burgos finished with 54 acres of this precious vineyard. But there's more: the vast majority of notable aged hawthorns are in the hands of cooperatives and access to the fruit is almost impossible. The decision to give life to a new winery has been brewing slowly, but the idea caught on in full in 2007, a very difficult vintage in Ribera del Duero where a hailstorm early bird, no more spring strain, made it touched the harvest parcel for preparing the Flor de Pingus, the second wine of the winery Dominio de Pingus, and since 2004 with the start of construction of the hold Onesimus Quintanilla (Valladolid) was "life itself" through vineyards The Horra, mostly in property. "The Flor de Pingus is a wine to be produced every year, a wine that had acquired its own personality and has its market and the hailstorm of 2007 we could only do half of schedule," says the winemaker, who added they are unable to use grapes of sufficient quality to develop its flower began to entertain the idea of building a new winery in which an essential role should fall in the vineyard. "It's promoting a new concept of wine, making wine as before, with wooden vats and vats of cement," said Danish winemaker, who was in favor, after a few years in the Bank, "returning the knowledge we have acquired and to help improve the quality of things. " In essence, the initiative of Peter has a profile kind of cooperative, but the twenty-first century, where the winery property is yours but the grape growers will be provided by that part of the project and avoid, as far as possible, the reproduction of situations such as the Horra.

The system of work in this challenge will be similar to that developed Pingus Domain now the sole supplier of grapes they have for their second wine. "We work closely with the people who collaborate with us, advising them permanently and perform the work in his vineyard in as they wish: if you want to prune, do it and if not us, and the same with the other work of the vine, "the soul of Pingus, who makes clear that all, both the same as controlled is completely organic. And here is precisely one of the keys to the new project will be a team of young people who advise growers fully to both work on the vineyard and paperwork and any other matter related directly or indirectly to this area and Peter and his team responsible for making wine and marketing it. The cellar, which will be built on a plot of four acres next to the hamlet of San Bernardo Valladolid, near the Monastery of Valbuena, will entail an investment of three or four million and the architectural project, already completed, includes 3,000 square meters in various buildings spaced straight lines, which will undertake the construction in phases and create a kind small town to provide a comprehensive service to growers to stay in the villages of La Ribera.