Division Logistics

Contract logistics and supply chain management contract logistics business model is, however, mainly by medium-to long-term service contracts (3-5 years) concerned with manufacturers or dealers only and is therefore generally less by short-term economic fluctuations, where however volume changes (adjustment of the treaties on economic turmoil) also the turnover in these long-term agreements affect. Contract logistics companies take over here, typically a variety of logistics tasks along the value added chain of customers who turned almost always to the core performance of the management of the warehouse of the customer. These are the coordination of trans-local services between suppliers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities on the one hand and on the other hand, the market especially in the area of outsourcing of value-added services, such as simple assembly operations, quality control, shipment tracking, repair services is growing customers, or Packaging services. Distribution & trade the global active distributors of industrial goods also operate in a very fragmented market, and are to be classified according to products or customer segments. So a distinction especially in chemical and electric distributors as well as food, non – food and tobacco distributors. In addition to relatively small-scale transport services to the stationary retail trade in food and tobacco distributors, also value added services such as mixing, filling, and final checks are applied for example in the chemicals Division also. For all distributors are a sufficient supply of regionally distributed warehouse capacities, as well as access to sufficient distribution capacity (E.g.

adequately large truck fleet) crucial to be able to respond to short-term demand fluctuations and hold a strong market position. At the same time, these are also the reasons for relative high barriers to entry in this part of the logistics market. II. market developments in the past 10 years the global logistics market has tremendous growth with a find out average factor of 2.0-2, 5 x world GNP.