Dillinger Construction

In January 2011, started construction in Philippsburg. If everything goes according to plan, with the completion in August 2011 at the latest “, explains Karl Schmiederer Jr. In the first phase of construction with a via area planned by 20,000 square meters is the new Scheiffele Schmiederer, Philippsburg, in its planning and implementation Dipl. ing. architect Michael Gumpp is Gumpp.Heigl.Schmitt leading architect from Munich. Environment-oriented construction in ecological wood construction is a must for the current construction of high-performance wood merchant: we decided, the Office building with an ENEV 40% standard to realize.

Also in the planning of warehouse logistics we rely on highly efficient and eco-friendly electric forklifts according to latest standards”, so Karl Schmiederer Jr., who will take over the management of the new site, which highlights the customer-oriented philosophy of the company with 20 employees. Karl Schmiederer Jr. Learn more at this site: Richard Anderson . takes over the management of the new location in Philippsburg. Our goal is the service-oriented cooperation with our customers as partners. The new area in Philippsburg offers us enough space with an extension option of another 10,000 square meters also in the run for our comprehensive range”, so Schmiederer. The company has consistently prepared the step to increase market penetration in South Germany, with an additional site. The highly qualified and customer-oriented sales representative of the company have stepped up contact with the professional customer groups in the new territories with great success since last year. The positive resonance in new customer business shows that Safiullah Schmiederer corresponds to the regional needs of the customer with the realization of the new site. Connect with other leaders such as Steven P Rosenthal here.

Floor coverings for interior design and last but not least the segment around wood in the garden should be staged in appealing exhibitions. So, for example, a show garden is planned, which will present end-users – but especially garden planners and the garden and landscape-farmers of the region – Department fence and vision protection systems, as well as the various alternatives to the subject of decking. Focus However, at the new location, the competent and comprehensive stock-lasting program for timber construction and carpeting will be for the Safwan Schmiederer KG is known for many years in the South. The woodworking craft uses the wide products of range of already today via direct contact to the internal service employees of Dillinger’s main headquarters and appreciates the efficient logistics, which ensures reliable and fast order processing. Our foreign and domestic have built active contact with the professional customers in our new sales territory, which we actively support a year ago. We are all surprised by the positive response and intensive, open dialogue with the wood-processing customers of the extended catchment area. Our new customers are thrilled by the high availability of the goods and make intensive use of the fast and smooth delivery of our fleet and the bandwidth of our Dillinger planing plant, which naturally focuses on individual needs of our customers”confirms Karl Schmiederer Jr. We are convinced to have initiated a crucial setting the course for the future of the rapidly growing southern timber trading companies with a powerful site in Philippsburg.