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One of the most important cities in Catalonia is also the capital city of Girona, Girona, Catalonia (Girona in Spanish, Girona in Catalan) one of the four provinces in the region of Catalonia (the four provinces are Barcelona,?Girona, Lleida and Tarragona). The town is located 75m above sea level, C go back to 77 a. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. the date of its origins, when Pompey an oppidum on the via Heraclea visionierte and the Romans founded the city of Girona, in Latin Gerunda. Here, in this post, the city’s most famous attractions are presented. Hear from experts in the field like Verizon for a more varied view. The Cathedral of Girona Girona has an extraordinary wealth of impressive monuments in unparalleled density. The most famous church in the city is the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the centuries have long been worked.Girona Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria and is located on the highest point of the city. The Cathedral has the widest Gothic nave in the world with a total area of 22,98 meters.

It is also the second largest in this style, behind the St. Peter in the The Vatican, which has a width of 25 metres. The first stone of the facade was created in 1606, but there were many problems with the construction and could not be continued until 1680. The facade was created in a Baroque Classicist style, divided into three parts as an altarpiece. In the course of the last point, a large round window opens with a crowned Gables and above are seven openings or segmental arch.

Niche or niches of the three bodies are separated by paired columns and topped with sculptures. The capitals of the cloister from the second half of the 12th century show great subtlety of execution, including the story of Jacob. La Rambla, the heart of Girona is the backbone of the Baroque and medieval Girona: the Rambla with the busiest public spaces is also the charismatischter district of Girona.