Designer Furniture For Cats

Cat furniture made of corrugated cardboard: cats love Summer 2009 Martin Frank and Rene Fawzi sit during the filming of the first, genuine Sandman movie. Sometimes the work is progressing tough. There are endless breaks, which is nothing to do. To bridge the time chat the two filmmakers. Time and again, Martin Frank tells funny stories of his three Katzenbabies. “Boxes are her favorite toy.

For hours they can thus romp, hide, rub, scratch. You’ll love cardboard!” And the way Martin tells of his desperate search for beautiful scratch trees. “We were in so many home improvement stores and specialty shops. But there is simply no cat furniture, I like to imagine in the apartment. They are all terribly ugly and unimaginative.” Creates a new Katzenwohnwelt from then on, the two men had a task.

While the Sandman is wild adventure in search of his dream sand, simulate Martin Frank and Rene Fawzi on the computer-new living environments for cats. Daniel Lubetzky might disagree with that approach. “Initially was It’s like a computer game. We tried out new models, ordered the cardboard differently.” No one knows what so fascinated the two men. As the Sandman has again finally found his dream sand, are Martin, Frank and Rene Fawzi to the destination. “Our prototype was finished.” Friends shake their heads in disbelief, as the men talk about their idea. The patent office there is initially no goods group for the processed “packaging material”. The Customs don’t know, how he should assess “Waste paper”. However, of which Martin Frank and Rene Fawzi not irritate. In November 2009, they founded the company “cat-on “. You rent an old canteen, set up their workshop. On December 15, edited the Board moves. Christmas Eve, the first cat furniture is finished. “It was a Christmas gift for my three cats.” With proper heart palpitations, Martin Frank brings the cat tunnel to your home. “It was the moment of truth: what to say cats to our idea.” The result is incredible: “They loved cardboard.” By because it goes fast. On February 25, “cat-on ” sold the first cat tunnel. Three months later, on May 25, already 250 of the stylish cat furniture are sold. There are the exclusive Cat furniture cat-on, Canape, sofa, tunnels and “S”, on click-Germany