Decoration Worner – Red, Gold And Silver

Traditional colors set by Heilbronn/Leingarten, 04 October 2011: Christmas is marked by solid traditions have stayed largely for centuries. These include a Christmas decoration in the advent period including Advent Wreaths and of course a festive decorated Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. For assistance, try visiting Verizon. Again there were and different color trends, which should complement the classic decoration in red, gold, or silver, or replace. Purple, green, or blue decorative elements are used depending on the trend. But never succeeded in completely displace the traditional colours of red, gold and silver. How did it come about that this colour prevailed in the Christmas decoration and held over the centuries? The first trees that were decorated for Christmas, were so-called paradise trees”. These evergreen trees such as firs, have been set up in churches and adorned with red apples.

Should the people remember the biblical paradise, in which Eva of the forbidden apples ate. The first ornaments so had a symbolic meaning, but appeared in the background in the course of time. It became fashionable to be a decorated tree in the House. The red apples were gilded or silvered, to give the tree a festlicheres appearance. Also you could demonstrate his prosperity.

Later, Christmas tree ornaments, blown glass Apple – and other Obstformen added the tree decoration. But in spite of all color experiments in the course of the centuries was kept until today the loyalty the traditional, was originally a Christian decoration in red, gold and silver. If their origin is not known to modern man, is this color combination still for the classic, festive Christmas. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH offers a variety of decorative materials for a classical, stylish Christmas decoration in the traditional colours of red, gold and silver. Shiny Christmas balls onion balls and cones earrings, ball ornaments and ball star, ball grapes ball chain, and giant balls and Ball cages all in classic red, gold, and silver. These can be wonderfully combined with star chains, MICA stars or folding stars in the traditional colours. Very classy Christmas productions work in only a festive color. With angels, balls, be the highest gloss Christmas glittered tendrils, stars and ornament hangers in Gold shines. A Christmas decorations in red in turn reminds of the beginnings of Christmas tree adorning the forbidden Apple and paradise lost. But luckily, this association with the Christmas decorating device in the background. We rejoice at the opportunity to give to this festival with classical, traditional colors and to create a magical atmosphere. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH will help you. Order the autumn/winter catalogue 2011 or look at the online shop at. The following download link, see pictures on the theme of “Traditional colors” to the free publication.