Day Investment Account

How to find the right day investment with the best conditions who well and effectively wants to invest his money, case should look on everyone on the day money. Especially in times of financial instability, many people are instructed to have direct access to your invested capital. But only the traditional savings book or the day money account offers this opportunity. Add to your understanding with Bank of America Corp.. The drawback of savings: The interest it paid enough even for this to cover the annual inflation. Specifically, this means: the capital of the saver is less and less time. (Similarly see: Ericsson). A little advantageous solution. Completely different with the tag cash account. Here the investor on much higher interest rates can look forward to three percent.

This can be well cope with inflation. As the name implies, the investor day money day after day has access to his capital. He may at any time refer to the entire investment or part of his account and back pay. Charges do not apply in this case. In other forms of investment, such as for example the Festgeldanlage, however, is a sometimes high compensation due and payable. About the safety of a day investment the investor needs to worry. The deposit is protected by a membership of credit institutions in the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks, in addition, almost all banks further, voluntary deposit guarantee schemes are connected. The day money account differs little from the an ordinary checking account or a savings. You can go for example directly in a branch office site or, for example for many direct banks, open the account by post. The Postident process is used in this context, where the customer at a post office counter must themselves with his identity card.