Database Marketing

Today the trend is to understand the behavior of the buyer in a manner virtually individualized, highly personalized. This trend has generated there is a process of Micro segmentation which examines the needs, preferences, behaviors in an individual way or very small groups. Thus was born another concept called direct marketing, which is nothing other than Select mechanisms for reaching the target subject in a direct way. In addition, the buyer today requires much more to commit to a product, service or brand. This makes the mass contact channels are not sufficient to cover this trend. This has resulted in the use of multiple channels of interaction with current and potential customers and the use of much more specialized than traditional mass channels communication mechanisms has been necessary. Therefore, a micro segmentation, supported with a series of customized offers that are made through highly focused and direct channels is what creates a relationship between the company and the customer.

The use of technology has made this possible at a relatively reasonable cost. Dare I say that the key components to develop a proper relational marketing strategy are: understand clearly which is the life cycle of the client for your organization (per segment, micro segments or individuals) establish mechanisms to understand very well needs, motivations, expectations of each one of these groups or individuals base their decisions on motions for products or services to these groups, based on quality information implement a strategy of multi-channel direct customer interaction (multi-channel interaction, more direct possible as web, contact center, direct visit, chat, etc.) Establish mechanisms for the evolution of the behavior of their clients on an individual basis to communicate with your customer’s individual and expose their proposals directly such actions requires an important technological base and very good quality information. On some occasions, the theme of relational marketing with marketing databases (Database Marketing) is confused. The use of information and database management techniques is really one mechanism to establish relational marketing activities. Is relational marketing the great panacea to create and maintain more and best customers? No, surely not. Depending on the client type and the relationship that his company expected to develop with them, will be more or less productive relational marketing. Today there are highly successful companies who only use relational marketing techniques to create and keep customers. The larger ones make use of a blend of traditional marketing and relational marketing (e.g.

airlines). What I can tell you is that the client or consumer is every day more and more demanding and selective in the way as assesses and decides a purchase and usually does so based on information and a closer communication with its suppliers. You analyze the case in your market and assess so important it is to establish this communication much closer and more direct with your current and potential customers. We recommend a couple of additional resources on the topic of relational marketing and Database Marketing: definition of relational marketing, click here Institute of marketing of databases, click here.