Cure Silk

“You can hear a new dimension of healing becoming the term silk” one thinks especially of expensive clothes made of silk or on home textiles. Seem silk fabrics made from the natural product for many people even today nearly priceless and also not suitable for everyday. Luxury and elegance in combination is brought. Silk, the substance of which was previously only kings and rich, is today much more affordable than those days and also in any well-stocked department store to find. But who has heard already, that this noble and expensive material should represent a cure now. This idea is certainly first something outlandish, see you around then, however, the origin of silk, namely the silkworm, we get an inkling of the importance. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. The Caterpillar, which even wants to turn into a butterfly, weaves located previously in a larva, later to slip out in a modified form.

The woven is the raw material for silk. In a specific finishing process of silk thread is obtained later, the Raw material for many beautiful fabrics. The silkworm gave previously his transformation energy into his cocoon into, so that this quality then passes into the thread and will later in the silk, which arise. The transformation ability of silk is already well known in China and is used in Chinese medicine, especially for the massage. Silk one knows the history of silk for approximately 5000 years and it is called the discovery goes back on Xiling, the wife of the Chinese emperor Huang-di. From here, the success story took its course of silk as one of the finest natural materials. She came to India, Central Asia, Persia, Korea and Japan. In the 13th century, silk was a pure product of import from the Orient and only very wealthy people could afford this luxury fabric.

In Europe, Italy became a stronghold of silkworm rearing, as well as the Seidenspinnerei during the Norman period. Long time Italy remained number one in Europe the silk country until mid-17th century France strongly advanced its silk and Italy ran off the rank. Did you know facts about silk? that a rope of silk can carry more weight than a same thick rope from metal? that one half a kilogram of caterpillars in the course of his life eats up to 12,000 kg Mulberry leaves? that a silkworm by birth consumed the 40.000-fache of his body weight in the form of Mulberry leaves to the pupal stage? that the thread of the cocoon on average has a width of 20 m (Micron – 1 millionth of a meter)? that of 1 kilogram of raw silk up to 10 kilograms of cocoons are required for recovery. that the length of cocoon thread can reach more than 4000 meters? that you need over 25 mulberry trees to gain about 3 kilograms silk? that a silkworm can spin up to 15 meters per minute? that the silkworm increases his bodyweight to 12,000 times after his birth four weeks? It requires nearly 70 pounds of Mulberry leaves for a dress made of silk? So, it’s no wonder that silk as one of the most valuable fibres is traded.