Cruz Situation

For them it is simply information and point. One of the examples that were made was to put an ordinary person to read a few sayings that were altered or with changed lyrics, people read it correctly because the right hemisphere was saying as they should be, and the left hemisphere not noticed that they were poorly written, is say, that people we normally operate with our feelings and persepciones we do reality and assimilate it as if it were true, without noticing that is only our point of view. Geniuses usually are immersed as such when they are behind a project to such an extent that can say that they are in a trance. When we are focused on something emptying our minds of yesterday, of the future, of what I think it is, how it makes me feel, is when it comes creativity. All happened to us that we’re looking for something desperately or want to remember important information at one time, but even though you forces you can’t get or remember what you want, and then as magically when these relaxed and not thinking about it, the answer comes to you. The constant mental uncontrolled traffic of our brains does not allow us to access to that information. To exploit these resources that we all have at our disposal is essential to know how to handle our mind, and we not instead, do this with prayer, focusing all our attention on an object or mantra and meditation, in this way we who guided our thinking to a specific purpose and it is not our mind in a runaway manner that fills us with all kinds of thoughts.

Think in the past it usually results in guilt or resentment and future uncertainty and fear. Is important for better performance in all areas of our life, the here and the now, focus on the role that you do at that moment, if you are a woman, mother, wife and professional, it is no good you while you make love with your husband think about food that’ll make your kids tomorrow, you remind yourself, in this single moment I am a good lover who fully enjoys the amatory Act; When you meet with your children, you are not pending tasks that you left at work or the next Monday meeting, now you’re just one mother, blessed with a beautiful, intelligent and healthy children, enjoy them. When you analyze a situation or a person, trying to do it like that you’re a third person, is not your assessment of the situation or person, or how you fall, or how you assume that it is, the situation or the person is simply, is neither good nor bad. This is what I learned from the brilliant minds of all always receive beautiful injury offered by the creator. I hope you serve you something. Blessings. Ana Elsa de la Cruz.