Copper Tube

Today, in many areas of applied copper: energy, refrigeration, equipment for microclimate creation, transportation and many others that their level of development is not in the least obliged to implement the growing copper production. In the process of technological development of copper has become one of the most valuable materials, the quality that will long continue to contribute to the relevance of its application. Copper tubing is a qualitative and durable goods made from quality brands of copper M1, M2, M1R, M2P, M3, M3R. To broaden your perception, visit Vislink Technologies. Copper tube has many important properties that dictate its application in many fields. One of the most important is the high resistance to corrosion processes.

Due to its physical properties, copper tube not pass through its walls no fumes, chemicals, including organic odors and bacteria. Due to the absence discharge of organic matter from the walls, the inner walls of the copper tubes do not form biofilms harmful bacteria. Copper tubing is resistant to high and low temperatures. Tubes, copper pipe is stable as against the pressure of hydraulic fluid, or gas, as well as against external influences during transportation and storage. Copper tubing is resistant to harmful uv rays, so the light does not have any negative impact on the functionality of this product. Copper tubing can be used for all types of plumbing communications: water supply, gas supply, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. For any copper pipe fitter – this is the best raw materials. Copper tube differs extremely long life and retain its original strength. In the case of the replacement copper pipe easily recycled and recyclable for further use. In this case, the copper tube retains all its original properties, no matter how many times it is not subjected to melting.