Currently, the more intent parents must be each time to the children, what they speak, what they make, its attitudes and behaviors. They communicate themselves with us of some forms: through its absence, of its revolt, its removal, collect, I cry, silence. Other times, shout, irritation for little low thing, escapes, notes in the school, changes in the way of if dressing, the gestures and attitudes. The parents must perceive the children. Many times, through the behavior, are wanting to say some thing to the parents. these, in the running of day-by-day, nor give attention to those small details.

The important paper is undeniable that the family plays in the learning process, in view of that if she constitutes as mediating element between the child and the society. As You mark (2006) ' ' it is born to the needed child to insert itself human generic, of aculturado individual and citizen singular' '. We strengthen the necessity here of if to study the relation family/school, where the educator looks for to consider educating, losing of sight the globalidade of the person, perceiving that, the child, when enters the pertaining to school system, does not leave of being son, brother, friend, etc. the necessity of if constructing to a relation between school and family, must be to plan, establish minimum commitments and agreements so that educating/son it in such a way has an education with quality in house how much in the school and if it prevents or it minimizes the failure pertaining to school of these individuals. 1.2 – failure pertaining to school x society Some authors believe that the biggest cause of the failure pertaining to school is the society. Following this reasoning Coast he complements: ' ' The cause of the failure passes, thus, to be situated in the proper child whom of victim if it transforms into male defendant.