CMN Information

To assure the efficient and regular functioning of the markets of the stock market and balcony; IV. To protect the bearers of movable values and the investors of the market against irregular emissions of movable values and illegal acts of administrators and controlling interests of the public company, or of securities portfolio administrators; V. To prevent or to restrain modalities of fraud or destined manipulation to create artificial conditions of demand, offers or price of the negotiated movable values in the market; VI. To assure the access of the public the information on the movable values negotiated and the company have emitted that them; VII. ' ' To assure the observance of commercial usage equitable in the securities; ' ' (ANGHER, 2008, P. 958) idea, therefore, is to stimulate the increase of the individual savings and the transference of these resources for the companies of efficient form. The legislation recognizes the importance of the transparency of the market and determines to the CMN and the CVM to guarantee to the investor the access to the necessary information.

Any excellent information to the process of taking of decisions on the part of the investor must be divulged of regular form and trustworthy, therefore, it is accurately in this context that if incases the paper of the regulating agency in two main aspects: 1. establishment of norms for spreading of information, fiscalizing its effective application; 2. instruction and orientation of the investors how much to its right and duties and the interpretation of the available information, without, however, to carry through value judgment on the investments. In relation to the item 1, the Law n 6,385/76 of the complementary legislation fits to CVM ' ' ability to fiscalize permanently propagation of relative information to the market, the people who of it participate, and to the values in it negociados' ' (art. .