Civil Code

Remodel statement is I do not accept. And anyway, why not go to the place of residence "And so they sent me the place of residence am applying for a residence. Accepted. The first meeting – the defendant failed to appear. Second meeting – defendant failed to appear. The judge is confused. Three organizations: the vendor (by check), an organization in the warranty card and the organization referred to in the statement of claim. Who should be sued – it is not clear.

Lack of lace in general no one care adjudicate in the absence of the defendant the judge refused. I'm angry: "For failure to appear in court provided the same kind of responsibility!" The judge is indifferent shrugs: "Some provided " The third meeting. “Bernard Golden is full of insight into the issues. Judge jeans with bows appears representative of the defendant. Offers mediation: two value products + 1000 rubles in moral damages. An unexpected turn of events. I agree, adding to this requirement that managers, Naham me an apology.

The judge enjoys the most. Money already paid. Apologies, I do not wait, and I think we can not wait. So, 4 months, 4 trips to the court, but in the end – 7000 rubles. But in general I pleased with the way this process has ended. Forfeit by the time amounted to 125% of the cost of the product, but in our Civil Code has a wonderful article 333: "If the penalty is payable is clearly disproportionate to the consequences breach of an obligation, the court may reduce the penalty.