Cat Litters

If you're going to start or already have got a small pet, then directly from the first day before you face the task of how to train your pet to his toilet, as well as how to avoid unpleasant odors in Your home. In the case of removing unwanted odors, you will need cat litter. And although these days, everyone knows about his existence, came into the store for the first time you can get lost, since the spectrum on the market of goods is very wide. The idea of filling one – absorbs moisture and keep the smell, they differ on the material of construction and operating principle. Let's try to help sort out what are fillers, as well as their pros and cons. But first, some history. Inventor and father of the founder of the industry cat litter is considered to be an American, Edward Lowe (Edward 'Ed' Lowe).

Edward Lowe was born on 10 July 1920 in St. Paul Minnesota, the son of Lulu and Henry Lowe. Later his family moved to the city of Cassopolis, Michigan, where he enrolled in high school and spent his youth. After serving in the Army from 1941 to 1945, Edward returned to hometown and joined the business his father, who founded the company on sale of industrial adsorbents, which included sawdust adsorbent clay, called Fuller's Earth. This name was given adsorbent because historically it was used in textile industries (working on cleaning wool in a textile factory (fuller) – fuller (English)) – in a solution of water and adsorbent soaked raw wool to clean the last of dirt, grease and oil.