Buy Recreational Area

Dude, DO NOT BUY FARM RECREATIONAL Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena The true love, can not be bought or sold will not believe it's talking. Like the old song, the country houses are like true love: neither be bought nor sold, and between buying and selling, there is despair, boredom, ulcers, gray, tantrums, broken friendships and a severe deterioration of assets. And as the saying goes, there are only two moments of happiness in what he has to do with having pleasure palace: The time to buy, which one has the illusion of having finally found terrunito of happiness for all dreams that has been romanticized over the years that has broken the back working as an ox and the time to sell, on the verge of despair, always lower than the initial value to a naive do not you shut up because he believes that is finally fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. And so the cycle is repeated over and over and over again. Why buy a plot is to give to friends and relatives and acquaintances of these from a good, nice and cheap to get around without having to spend, on the weekends by the dozen arrive unannounced at lunch times or in the middle of the party in the heat of a few drinks or grilling, always with the premise that since passed here nearby, took the opportunity to give a sudden saluditos diner says in a tone cloyingly cute as you lower the entourage of the car, and with the swimsuit and backpacks to bust the trunk, not exactly loaded with market, snacks, sodas or liquor. .