Business English

What is the Business English? Stage today with the advancement of the globalised world, both foreign and domestic firms are demanding increasingly professional management of the English language. This requires that students and professionals in different sectors of the labour market, meet this great need to be effective in the management of the English in business (Business English). In countries where English is the official language, different language teaching methodologies have been developed. These intensive methods are based on classes with native teachers, entirely spoken in English. This technique used in widely used in Spain, linguistic immersion courses, is useful to overcome the barriers of stagnation and lack of progress in the traditional classes, which are usually happen in few hours per week English courses.

Business oriented English language courses aims to train students about to be received and to professionals already advanced in the language English, more specifically English dedicated to businesses, to obtain better opportunities of insertion and evolution in the current job market. Duration and mode courses that are currently offered in the various institutes, may include kinds of conversation and intense dialogues with native teachers combined simultaneously with comprehensive Business English classes with local teachers, since in this sense it is important to take into account everything that makes the local reality in terms of market movements. In general, intensive courses include two to three hours of conversation classes and between five and six hours of intensive classes each week. Some courses offer the possibility to start at any time of the year (any Monday). All these courses, grant official certificates backed by the most prestigious international institutions where teaching of the English language is concerned.