When the growth index is well negative, of unemployment is super positive, however different concerns in the productive sectors appear. The employee fears for its job, and the necessary entrepreneur to use strategies to surpass the crisis. If the entrepreneur will be a manufacturer of ' ' chup chup' ' if to be valid only a cooled stand of hand, either the hour to perhaps change something, and many times at these moments of crisis are that great changes happen. Coupang wanted to know more. For worse that it is the crisis hardly the entrepreneur he will lose, and to each crisis it will leave more fortified developing strategies for surpasses ls. To identify an entrepreneur he is enough that it takes care of to the three basic questions: – financial independence: the entrepreneur does not obtain to depend on resources that are not those proceeding ones from its proper effort. – regularity: the emprendedor preza for the allegiance of its customers and does not want that they look to another one in hypothesis some, its service or necessary product to be always available. – innovation: the entrepreneur perceives when it is necessary to change something in its business or even though to change the proper business. To follow the frequent changes of the market and to be capable to induce changes that favor the attainment of the profit.

Examples of that is the entailing of a famous name to the one product (a jeans), in such a way you obtain to add until sets of ten of times more value to its product. Some reasons exist to justify the small expression of the enterprising initiative of the Brazilian, most expressive they are the corporations. They act as great entrepreneurs, harms in the truth alone create ' ' pseudo empreendedores' ' that they are in the presidency and they had never undertaken nothing, they only act with the mechanisms that the power of a corporation grants they. Those that if benefits of the stability generated for the corporation, become if private of the possibility to undertake, the room is determinative in the incapacitao of these individuals. All and any mechanism that generates stability and room goes against the emprendedorismo. Many entrepreneurs can speak that in the period where it was trabahando as employee, due to its stability, it he developed a parallel enterprise to its job, and therefore he would be also an entrepreneur.

To this individual he is easy to answer: if case its enterprise was resulted of an enterprising effort with certainty it would provide in its development a perspective to it of superior profits to its job and therefore would not be justifiable the devotion of its time something that would give little money to it of what the enterprise. In case that its enterprise if has initiated before its retirement and continued it after, its empreendedorismo will have beginning at the moment where its business to leave the secondary period of training and to gain a form of necessary initiative, suffering to all the possible applications from its essential effort for torn lo for its survival. Being thus it is as it was said in the three basic points of the entrepreneur, if the enterprise will not be its only source of financial resources the other necessary efforts to the empreendedorismo does not go to happen. The necessity makes to awake the empreendedorismo, the room determines its disappearance, exactly in that they had been born with its spirit.