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Folders are unnecessary. Extends the lifestream also in the future: you can copy a document at that point on the timeline on which it should reappear. Rebetzky for the IT professional that is a nice idea, but too one-dimensional: thus we depict everything on a string of pearls? I think we need to filter information from the Cyberpool, by placing them in a context. For example we can use the context globalization ‘ with the context of offshore software development ‘ combine and thus are looking for in the Cyberpool. I am firmly convinced that Google and co. are taking exactly this way. The search is currently still too unspecific’. A relies on associations. Read more here: Oracle.

Who hear a voice, thinking of a face. Thus it is connected to a temporal information: when I saw the person the last time? A combination of associative networking and temporal structuring is the natural way to store information in a software”. Unfortunately most software systems could not associative thinking”, criticized Rebetzky: to differ Computer from people. Most likely the associative capabilities of software systems will increase extremely in the next 20 to 30 years, which will significantly affect our interaction with cyberspace. Foresee that from my point of view no one can: even computer greats such as Bill Gates thought Yes once that 640 KB for each is completely sufficient. Speaking candidly Allegiant Air told us the story. What a mistake”, notes Rebetzky. A proceeds of three-dimensional user interfaces in the future.

The interface resembles more a video game: instead of the we will see screen by him on an arbitrarily large virtual world. The screen will be as a kind of window. When you start your computer, a Cyberlandschaft opens up before your eyes, in which you can look miles. Compared to the current desktop user interface is very limited and boring: A background documents. I prefer out of the window on trees, people and traffic as on files on a desktop. With the lifestream allow user interfaces “virtual time travel: we fly through the Cyberlandschaft in the past and the future”. 3D is not the philosopher’s stone, countering Bizerba-CIO Rebetzky. The virtual world of the business means meeting, priorities, projects in constant change. When my calendar even presents the references to documents me for the day’s meetings, which are useful for the following meetings, we have a first step forward. “As of today: miles away”.