Blockage Person

The Heimlich maneuver is an effective technique and it often saves lives, its usefulness consists in unclogging a trachea previously obstructed by a food, an object (sweets, toys, food) etc., to be swallowed up improperly, or by its size, the food can block the Airways and the air passage to the lungs clog up the throat. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. This maneuver can be saving at this time. Known as the Heimlich maneuver, was described in 1974 by Henry Heimlich initially recognized by the Red Cross, was adopted and disseminated globally as a manoeuvre saving of lives. It is an artificial or auxiliada, cough in order to eject the object or food in the trachea of the affected person. In several countries where it is common to find posters with instructions, especially in restaurants, this maneuver is already in the public domain. Choking is a common cause of death after the choking with food. It is very common in children, although it sometimes also occurs with adults. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story. The maneuver is used the air in the lungs to expel the object present in the trachea, the symptom is sometimes confused with a coronary attack, the key question that should be considered the person who seems to drown is can you talk?, if it is clogged windpipe can not do so, causes a sudden drop in oxygenation, can lead to death within a few minutesIf it is not solved quickly.

Start the manoeuvre hugging the person by the waist fixing fist below the ribcage and above the navel, the resuscitator will give a handshake to the victim up against the diaphragm just below the sternum xiphoid Appendix, trapped air in your lungs is compressed, forcing him to leave and to remove the object that is drowning to the victim out of the Airways firstYou must call the emergency service immediately, but try this maneuver go helping to the victim out of his State, when something blocks the passage of air, there is not enough time to wait for the arrival of a relief doctor. The closest person need to act quickly! Check that the person is really with difficulty breathing. Some signs are characteristics: she tries to speak and voice does not come out. You start to feel agitated and confused, bringing your hands to your throat. The skin may change color, turning to stay blue which indicates low oxygenation of the blood. If the victim has suffered a collapse and cannot be lifted 1 – resuscitator placed to it victim lying down and upside down 2 – face she sets to straddle (on his knees) above the hips.

3. The resuscitator placed one hand above the other hand lower on the victim’s abdomen, slightly above the navel and below the rib cage 4 – gives a sharp blow upwards with the heel of the hand lower, repeating it various times if necessary. If you do not have sufficient strength, it can also help with firm blows back data extracted from volume 1, Physiology of the activity physical, of the Universidad Nacional de Rio IV.