Bing Microsoft Versus Google

How does Microsoft’s new decision engine against Google? Revolutionize the Internet search Bing? Bing is online. Announced with much hype from Microsoft. The first impression? The background image is better than Google. Microsoft Google is alone this can be removed but little market share. The German side, which, although it contains only a few words, quiet once again had may be proofread opens directly when switching on. A lecturer would have certainly capitalized as “web” or “pages” or “Show all” made from “show all” maybe. But the only incidentally.

Who wants to see not only the Beta status of bing and is of English-powerful should anyway click “Germany” and then select “United States English”. There even the background images are interactive, a scrolling function displays the images of the last few days, and selected areas of the image show (of course further linking) background information. But how it looks under the hood? Microsoft its search engine now calls “Decision Engine”, freely translated “Decision makers”. So should the search results appear more clearly, or a “Price Predictor” is to report to one, at what times, airline tickets are the cheapest available. You can not learn much more in the official intro to Bing under. Also, working features in the German version are not available in the English version.

One obtains for example entering “Traffic Seattle” on the English side of current traffic information with map display, with “Traffic Dortmund” or “Traffic Dortmund” but only general search results. Sure, it will take a while until the much-vaunted local results by bing for local users bring noticeable benefits. In the meantime, Google is of course not idle and Announces sent terminated at the same time to Microsoft Bing Google wave’s new platform. This involves nothing less than the integration of new communication and Web 2.0 services to a “real-time Internet”, that you want to set new standards for cooperation and communication in the network. The user “SURFs” almost like on a wave by the eternal communication currents of the Internet. In contrast, Google to Microsoft relies on the public domain principle and open source code with the aim to integrate the global developer community in the expansion and development of wave. Wave will be available later in the year. Who would like to further “Googling” in the meantime, but once would like to get to know the “Bingen”, can do both at the same time on the google-bing/search.php page. The operator can certainly count some network traffic.