Berlin World Championships Song Contest

The winner of the song contest organized by the Berlin press plant BOD is found. Early March that called CD and-press plant BOD Berlin optical disc GmbH for a World Championships song contest and many came. Over 900 members, the YouTube group has World Cup song 2010, over 50 videos were submitted. “Since yesterday evening, the winner is clear: the band stone fish from Hamburg with their song next Tee”. The winning song will be recorded before the start of the World Cup in a Berlin recording studio creative blue Musicproduction and pressed on 1000 single CDs BOD. See all the submissions the jury has opted for the song, convinced not only musically but most carried the essence of the World Cup: the enthusiasm for the football game. The unconventional composition of the song reveals the diverse musical roots. The band manages to create fast-paced suspense.

The text looks credible and rousing, and lets the audience share in the excitement. A piece that stirs genuine passion not least by highlighting the everyday and the heart all football fans beat faster. On the second place managed the Berlin Band GruBnReTs with their song gate Fatima”. For the third place on the jury chose the song football Germany”Kai Birkner. The organizers were pleasantly surprised how many professional bands and singers took part in the World Championships song contest. But not only the pros have fallen, other ambitious artists were with verve and convinced by original songs and funny performance. In the YouTube group remain athletic competitors despite previous heated debate and congratulate the winners. What part of the soccer World Cup for the athletes is obviously also the motto of the musician: this is everything!