Benefits Of Salt Caves

Salt caves – it's long been known cure for skin and lung diseases, prevention of colds, stress, relief of allergic reactions. In general, the salt caves provide ample opportunities for improvement of the whole organism, and apply them at any age. In particular, the salt caverns have proven efficacy in the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases (even virus) in children. Salt Caves are using tiny particles of salt in the air. They penetrate deep into your lungs, providing healing effect.

These properties of salt caverns have been known for a long time. The problem is that natural salt caves are rare and difficult to access. So today they successfully replaced by artificial. Artificial salt caves in any room equipped with a special device – galogeneratora. He imbues air with finely dispersed aerosol, which has the highest efficiency, as penetrating into the smallest branches of the bronchi. Salt caverns can use different types of galogeneratorov: jet or ultrasonic.

They different method of turning salt water into an aerosol. Ink filled salt cavern with a stream of air (jets), which passes through the solution under high pressure and spray it. To improve efficiency of air preheated to temperatures of 50 -60 degrees Celsius. Salt caverns are filled with such galogeneratorom particle size of 5 microns – small enough to penetrate the lungs and provision of medical action. The second type of devices that use the salt caves – is ultrasound galogeneratory. They convert the solution into an aerosol by ultrasonic vibrations. With this method of particle size may be even smaller – up to 1 micrometer. Salt caves are made with natural salt plates that sheathed wall. They serve a decorative function, making the room look like a natural salt cave. However, they also further saturate the air vapors of salt, increasing the healing effects of ongoing procedures.