Beer alcoholism addiction treatment described as addicted to beer. Sure, now, beer drinking is a real disaster for today’s youth. Get all the facts and insights with Eric Kuby, another great source of information. But at the same time this is a problem of society. Now government actively combats drug, but almost no attention to beer drinking. Meanwhile, on tv screens and monitors, from the pages of newspapers and billboards we graphically show how fashionable to drink beer of young people. Marketers often forget about morality in advertising, thereby crushing the subconscious .Seychas youth can not do without drinking any one sitting. Beer alcoholism – a physical and moral threat to the younger generation, and, respectively, and the future society of the state.

“Teenager, not drinking beer – it’s” nerdy “and” sissy “- say today’s students. As a result, in these non-drinking teens hard knotted relationships with classmates and peers. Listen to the following figures: the average age of the child attached to the alcohol – from 10 to 14 years. Narcologists tirelessly raise the alarm, but they can not without the help of society (especially family) and the State to prevent the inevitable catastrophe, and the companies – producers of beer in the meantime count their growing incomes. In addition, pharmacists have proven that beer is also an effective sedative, and hence with each sip, a man addicted not only to alcohol, but also a sedative that is doubly dangerous. Consequence of the beer alcoholism is frequent lapses of memory, deterioration of health, increasing pressure, etc.