Bank Of Scotland: Euro 30 Day Money Start Bonus Until End February 2011

Bank of Scotland convinced with 2.20 percent interest and 30 Euro starting credit customers who opt for a day money account of the Bank of Scotland, get to the very attractive interest rates until February 28, 2011 a generous sign-up bonus 30 EUR. Thus it has extended of Scotland the action the Bank again for a month. Currently, customers receive 2.20% interest p.a. on their day money. This above-average interest rate given a place at the forefront of financial comparison under the Bank of Scotland already for a long time. Customers are looking for accounting charges and the minimum investment sum in terms of the Bank of Scotland in vain. The day money account is completely free and interesting interest attacks already from the first landscaped euro. The running interest is credited at the end of the year.

Investors can create up to 100,000 euro completely risk-free. Because this amount is protected by the British deposit protection fund in the event of a collapse of the Bank of Scotland. Could customers last year just 50,000 euros create without any risk, the amount was doubled in early 2011 and adapted so that EU wide. Savers who place emphasis on the safety of their deposits, could exploit the deposit protection limit with a part of their fortune and simply spread the rest of the money to other investment accounts. The multiple day money or deposit accounts is no problem. Investors should only make sure that the saver standard amount optimally is split, so that none of the worked hard”return is lost. With an exemption order, it is the bank credit institution, to exempt investment income from the access of the financial Office. All exemption orders provided from 2011, must be provided with the personal tax identification number (tax ID). Christina Korpert