Autonomic Police

A colleague of my diary, Ultima Hora, commented the other day that since a few weeks ago politicians do not do more than talk about themselves and no one more. I think they do that since quite some time back. I think since when the Chairperson of the CIM said that if you don’t like, you can leave, which, as I say, many months have elapsed. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. And is that politicians, definitely have removed the mask and show, blatantly, its intentions and that they are two: which citizenship generally cares a damn and that you are only interested in, those who are in it, continue in power, and those who do not, remove those who are to place them. And both are willing to one and the other to the price that is. Because what less care, as I say – and the view is – is good citizenship, within a few weeks, when you begin the election campaign, they will say that they are for the work, which we want, that above any interest is that of the citizen.

Even those who have never spoken Spanish and that they call those born in Mallorca forasters, talking them in Spanish and, instead of forasters, draw them new residents. That shamelessness have! What makes a vow! And on top, they are like small children, or if not, as in that game, the vulture is pet or I don’t play. Or put another way: or I get into the list, or ride a chicken cagas. Or if you give me as Mayor, Councillor, conselleria and put, in addition, to my friends, I’ll shut up and not meto tares, which if not but of the citizen nor a word bad is that this will increasingly getting worse. Each time with less I recato and dissimulation. And all, you know why? Well because politics has become ex officio that some have access without any preparation, only with the mind set on prosper. Prosper, prosper, prosper live roll, of the story do not paste or coup because what is said to look for the good citizens, a time achieved the poltrona, thanks to the vote has been asked by fooling him with promises that will never meet, only remember them when it comes to raising taxes or the price of bread, light, water, butane, or bus now intend to create a regional police force.