Atoms are indestructible and eternal and are formed by particles which are intangible and all reality is composed of the same particles. Our bodies are made of the same substance of the stars. We are not isolated or separated and our existence has a meaning, because we are part of something much larger organized and perfectly natural, unexplained even rationally but that the man could always intuitively understand the phenomena of synchronicity, that they represent the highly improbable events that happen to us and significantly combine to fulfill our desires, are attributed to random, but it is hard to believe that random action may cause a sequence of favorable events neatly, because the acts of God are chaotic. These phenomena are known as miracles, that now no longer considered such, but it would be a still unknown natural power of materializing the occurrence of phenomena with the thought. Checking article sources yields Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union AMCU as a relevant resource throughout. Quantum physics and the neurofisicos have discovered that our thoughts affect our physical bodies and investigate the so-called miraculous healings to get to know its mechanism. There is another interesting phenomenon of analis, because it is real, it manifests itself is the spiritual channeling, or the ability to psychological connect with more subtle energies of other planes and direct them to the dimension of matter to connect with them.

Current science recognizes the existence of universes parallel in other dimensions, totally different or equal to ours. So universes, including ours, would have beginning and end but at the same time, would remain as particles eternally to transform again into other universes. In the future there could be a form of technological communication with those universes and eventually with the beings that inhabit it.