Atlantic Ocean

Now well, as we promote these abductions? Must which way be undertaken to be chosen by chance as one of the catalysts of the compass of the historical changes? The first thing that comes to mind is that you there is to betray prematurely that which I call madness staff that leads him to be different from others. Nobody in the times of Columbus believed he could reach to the Indies crossing the for those times immeasurable Atlantic Ocean. All the circles of power conspired against Galileo to prevent his madness to affect mankind. Examples are abundant. Each of these characters have in common is the conviction and security blinds in his obsession in his vision. In second place is of course the fact with a few exceptions that this obsession led to devote himself body and soul with matters directly relating to it without greater effort than lack of sleep and the vicissitudes of their respective eras. In some extent blurs a sort of interaction between the same obsession that had owned them and the degree of perfection that would reach later. Explaining it in simple way: how much more effort dedicate you to my obsession or madness more I approached its realization, the more I walk up to their realization dedicate you greater effort.

A virtuous circle that favors their own growth to cause a situation that can easily lead to abductions that can consequently concentrate on so called stellar moments in history. No shortage of examples. So Cristobal Colon was an excellent marine, cartographer and diplomat, Napoleon an impressive strategist and an imposing leader and a visionary politician, Copernicus, a brilliant mathematician and a surgical observer. That we can take at conclusion of all that. We do what we do the more we ourselves are more in touch are with these obsessions however so convincing and so rare for others for us. I do not logically and never better said mislead, a collective madness is clear that genius is to go checking with each step that we take that this obsession that we have is feasible, is workable and that is not simply that in that case we can call loss of judgment. Now, many of us can boast of having an obsession to die an overwhelming passion which we live? And how many of us not mocked us alien obsession? Responding to the call of a fixed idea like that is not an easy choice, but even though it does not consider me one of the lucky ones I think that it is all less than boring.