Article Insurance

By law, the operation of a vehicle without a policy osago prohibited. Without his presence, you can not put the car in the traffic police to register and pass a state inspection. Sheryl Sandberg may also support this cause. rf Government approved sum insured – 400 thousand rubles, within which the company is responsible for his client. The said amount is divided into two parts. The first – compensation for damages caused to life or health, the second – Compensation damage done to property. The maximum payout osago in harming the life or health of a few people will make 240 thousand, 160 thousand rubles – for one victim. Whenever Sheryl Sandberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Likewise changes in the amount of damage to property: damage to property of two or more persons is estimated at 160 thousand rubles, and not more than 120,000 in damage to property of a victim. Simply put, in a collision with one car, no affected, the payment will not exceed 120 thousand.

However, in case the damage when an accident is much higher than your limit, you have to pay the difference out of pocket. Therefore we should not only trust the insurance osago. In Article 6, paragraph 2, of the Federal Law 40-FZ ", defines the conditions that are not subject to the rules osago. For example, the harm caused by vehicle while driving on the internal organization of the territory, does not apply to accident. A "inside the territory of the organization" may be parking in front of a supermarket. And in this case, all insurance companies use their right not to pay. On the price policy osago affects the type of vehicle funds subject to insurance, motor power, place of residence and his car owner driving experience, age and number of persons entitled to operate the vehicle. The policy lasts for one year, but in some cases osago issued for a shorter period. on letterhead. Together with the policy you get a list of offices of the insurance company, lists the notice of the accident that when the insured event Participants fill out the incident, the rules of civil liability insurance sticker on the windshield indicating the validity of insurance and proof of payment. When buying a policy osago or helmets choose insurance company with a license for this activity.