Apps Conquer The Copier With AutoStore

In the Office elegant media breaks with software by notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) Wetzlar, 26 January 2012 do you overcome that? Send me the thing please quickly over here”, says the colleague on the phone. Sometimes, a few clicks and the mail is on its way. But when paper documents are in the game, such as the travel expenses,’s is complicated. Scanning & co.

is cumbersome and is unnecessary. All 80 minutes on the day storing and forwarding may apply for digitization, as the software manufacturer notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) recently identified. And he now presents a solution that will inspire the Office routine: apps for the Copier. They are very easy to use just like apps for iPhone & iPad and quickly lead to your destination.

As expense receipts can be with a few clicks on the device display scan and email directly to the accounting department. And parallel a readable PDF with keywords generated and placed in the network folder. Everything is automatically controlled by workflow. Realtime information Business such apps for typical tasks in the document-handling may be generated with AutoStore 6.0. NSi’s product family contains efficient tools, to elegantly overcome media breaks. Whether it’s paper, fax or emails, Office files: all forms of analogue and electronic documents are incorporated, processed and distributed. Companies must constantly work on their efficiency, to assert itself in the competition”, Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH. thinks that there is immense potential for software like AutoStore, to take over routine tasks in the processing of documents.” They run in the background and buy valuable time for the core business. It also can respond more quickly, because information is immediately available. We call a real competitive advantage”the Realtime information business, Enno Luckel explains. More efficiency and mobility more apps for the MFP can create with NSi SmarTicket, without any special IT skills. You deposited Workflows wrapped the tool in a bar code, print and use as cover for scanning. The system reads the bar code and done the steps alone. To use the apps on the go, there are NSi WebCapture. Thus, content via the browser can be feed and launch actions. AutoStore 6.0 is available as resellers and systems integrators for Office equipment, as well as major manufacturers of copiers and multifunction devices through certified distribution partner. NSi provides contacts: de/uber-well-established solutions/contact/about AutoStore: autostore / press contact: Corinna Scholz