Apposite With Three New WAN Emulators Up To 10Gbps

Netropy 10 G 2, N90 Netropy and Linktropy 8500 with increased performance the Netropy and Linktropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, delay, packet loss, congestions and other important adverse effects in any wide area networks (WANs). Therefore, the performance of applications in the laboratory under realistic conditions can be tested with them. The products are doing through their Web interface easy to use and to configure. Network managers, software developers and network manufacturers are targeting the products. But also telecommunications companies, test laboratories and network designers in the public and military environment are thus addressed. The Netropy simulators allow in contrast to the Linktropy models up to 15 parallel emulation per physical port and extensive filtering capabilities such as source and destination IP address, source and dest. IPv6 address, VLAN ID and PCP value, TCP/UDP port number, MAC address, MPLS label, be body-more packet classifier. What’s new in the single Netropy 10 G 2 replaced the Linktropy/Netropy 10 G and now offers 40Gbps aggregate throughput on two physical 10 Gbps ports with 15 parallel emulations.

The Netropy N90 replaced the Netropy N80 and offers 8 Gbps aggregate throughput with 12 million packets per second and 15 parallel simulations per port on four physical ports. The Linktropy 8500 replaced the Linktropy 7500 PRO and offers 8 Gbps aggregate throughput with 12 million packets per second on four physical ports. The speed depends on applications not only by the available bandwidth between data center and remote users. Also latency times are critical, jitter (phase noise), packet loss and the utilization of networks. With the increasing centralization of corporate networks and the increasing use of Web 2.0 or cloudbasierenden approaches, IT managers and network administrators must enable in the situation, to secure the quality and availability of applications already in advance. About apposite technologies apposite technologies WAN emulation makes it easy.

The Linktropy and Netropy are extremely precise and has priced products. The ease of use of the products allows users to spend their time testing and not learning the tool. Apposite BBs WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and other network characteristics with a speed up to 10Gbps and a high granularity in all types of Wan (terrestrial, satellite, wireless, and Internet): WAN emulation made easy. more information digital hands GmbH bacteria Strasse 9 D-63225 of long Thomas Fink Managing Director T: + 49 6103 270 265 F: + 49 6103 270 266 M: + 49 163 6050350 E-Mail: URL: press contact RIBA: BusinessTalk GmbH Metoki Besselich 56182 Urbar / Koblenz Aki Blum PR consultancy T: + 49 261-963757-23 F: + 49 261-963757-11 E-Mail: URL: