On corporate security technology also worked AppLocker – now the administrator does not need at your own risk confer particularly active users extended rights, just enough well-prepared black or white lists of applications, to make exceptions, including the types of files. User can independently be set to update or new software, not throwing the it Department of endless requests. At the same time to spoil something will not work – "to sit" under an administrator account to install legitimate software is not necessary, and the applications work with the virtual registry. Increased productivity – yet another trump card "Seven." Here even argue do not need anything – a network of many video clips demonstrating the almost instantaneous boot your pc, exit from standby mode in seconds. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. As a joke at Microsoft like to say that Windows 7 could put on a Pentium ii c 256MB of ram. Of course, guarantee user satisfaction in this case the company does. But, however, is not interested in the performance of the system itself, and that the user, ie, the same officer begins to work significantly faster. photographs-and-the-proceeds-will-go-to-gt-ormond-st-hospital-1415739a’>Scott Mead is currently assessing future choices. Take care of developers and it professionals. Thing to explain, given that it was administrators often act as agents of innovation, tell us how easy the new system is how easy it is to manage it. If the administrator may, in a matter of minutes "rolled forward" the image of a few dozen PCs (and it is implemented), or during the break to reinstall the os on a "moribund" computer maintaining all employee data, – is not an advantage for the user, and for the company as a whole.