Andrea Wiese

Instrumentation for wind power systems Conference at the Haus der Technik lunch the wind is a shifty guest and can be controlled with all high-tech or control. Who wants to use wind energy, must be so adapted to their environment and optimise the technical installations. This includes a sophisticated measurement, control and control technology: modern multi-megawatt wind turbines are equipped with hand control and operated with variable speed. In addition to the control that initiated the booting, starting and emergency shutdowns, among others, the electrical power on the speed and the angle of the blade must be kept upon reaching the rated power constant. At the same time called for the plant, that she automatically optimally focused in the wind. These are the tasks of a wide range of sensors, motors, hydraulic aggregates and process computers. Critical components are monitored through vibration sensors and evaluated locally.

So wind power plants of over 20 years safely and reliably with high technical availability a high Energy efficiency provides, these components must be correctly adjusted and work well together. Here is the expert seminar instrumentation for wind turbines, because already often the weather conditions were the cause of high stress or low income, but faulty sensors or incorrectly set parameters. “The Symposium of measuring, controlling, regulating: who runs the wind energy plant?