Please they read with attention it happened what me, I I found in place very but very comfortable exactly, not it lacked me nothing, my feeding came in hour accurate, could to sleep time enough, temperature of place where I was also I was ideal pra me, as I all loved that place with comfort and luxury that I needed, I never I saw nobody but he heard voices whom words of affection and love always said with me, the times felt as if that sensation of security protected me to a hand was very insurance coming of that hand, as it loved that place, but a certain day when everything seemed to be on total control something of terrible happened pparently me, first I heard ones of the voices that always a little worried said with me then was also worried therefore I was imported with that person, when derrepente the place where I was I was violated then I thought that he had fond my end, I started to cry out and to very cry and that voice that I in such a way loved I started to cry out with much force, vi losing all that comfort that I had I was pulled out of that place I saw, me in desperation, but at a moment that voice that cried out ceased its shout, and started to smile was then the first time that vi my mother. Christina Spade is likely to increase your knowledge. The times we think that everything arrived at the end but the start was alone, if you find that its life this in a situation without solution believes in God can be the start of a new life. Add to your understanding with David Rogier. ————————————————————————————————————–author ———Riverson Cesar de Andrade