Doom-metal – primarily metal music. Hard and heavy. Base – classic metal tools: guitar (pN) bass and drums. This apocalyptic music, painful, as a rule, very monotonous (especially when it comes to traditional groove-based Council), slow and not always melodic. Story guitars are often low, bass – kachevy, riffs – rough, there are distinctive guitar 'slippage' screeching feedbacks, 'fading' solo trills etc.

Doom – the massive sound wall. The gravitational pressure on your ears. This is evil, powerful riffs and unhurried, which sometimes can be compared with the gait of a mammoth. The best definition of emotional Duma – 'doom and despair' (this is not necessarily appear in the 'sad or melancholic' attitude, the most important feature is expressing it at a crucial!). Classic Doom can be found on the specifics of sound (the development and heavier hard-rock beginnings BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, BEDEMON, partly – blues against the oppressive elements of guitar, groove (groove – a routine, preoccupation, a certain rhythm), sudden rock 'n' roll speed, etc.).

The traditional style of expression is not always described with the ending '-metal' – it can be very difficult Rock music, does not fit into the framework of metal, but it is much superior to the gravity and density of sound. An illustrative example: the album CANDLEMASS – 'From The 13th Sun', which is just super-heavy doom, without end 'metal'. The same is true of extremes like sludge / doom – it's not metal in general. This is a super-heavy, 'dirty' and morbid music based on traditional thought, with some influences of old hardcore. (I am talking about the sludge / doom, but not on sludgecore in general). A doom-metal? This is a metal. The classics of the genre – debut TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, SAINT VITUS, American REVELATION, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, etc. .. In general, it should be noted that the genre of doom-metal – one of the oldest in the metal music, and being away from the high popularity, he has developed quite apart from the rest of the metal scene (heavy, thrash, death and black) – directly from a dark hard-rock end of the '60 's / early '70' s (IRON BUTTERFLY, BLACK SABBATH, BEDEMON, PENTAGRAM), retaining its 'dark energy' and unhurried … up to the modern hyper-heavy and extreme forms. With respect to the concept of doom / death, this is a somewhat different path of development of metal, with the current routine of things, not having much in common with traditional and classic doom doom metal. However, this kind of extreme and original genre. Masterminds – WINTER, THERGOTHON, disEMBOWELMENT. Classics – early ANATHEMA, PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE. Funeral doom is a unique development of the doom / death. One should not confuse classic doom-metal with their own forms of other metal genres such as doom / death, gothic / doom, black / doom). It sounds (and often – even in the atmosphere) it's totally different music. Typically, the only thing that unites them exactly – use of the word 'doom' in the title. And, of course, the atmosphere of doom – the effect of sound, text, any other expression. The atmosphere of hopelessness, hopelessness, failure, sickness, agony, terror, panic, anger, obscurantism, and despair …