Also Can Happen To You

The truth is that I do not remember how it all began. I do not know, even if there was some event specific that it triggers the process that would follow it. The only thing sure is that I’ve come this far, in an evolution that seems irreversible. It is true that I have never owned a sweeping personality. To be honest, others have passed me too often. Young man, I was who partnered less of my gang.

You don’t make a bad similar type at all, nor it bored others with a tedious and inconsequential conversation to avoid being sociable with everyone. What probably happens is that people should judge me an individual dispensable, unnecessary, surplus. I know that I am not the only one to whom this happens. John, for example, is a case similar to mine. He, moreover, always has taken him worse than I. Hence his animosity toward Miguel, the leader of our youth group, which always partnered more than all of us together. Juan, Juanito, as we called him, has always been a kind envious and unsociable, introverted and suspicious, which actually had no grounds to complain of what happened to him, since their lack of social success had earned it thanks to its character.

My thing, I say, is very different. I am an open and friendly, sympathetic and friendly person. But not for these. By a strange and hidden reason, nobody usually take me into consideration. Isn’t that not my opinions interest to others: just do not ask me any theme. Nor is it that someone has specific accusations that make me, but that usually the people are even unaware of my presence. All that, in general terms, of course. I don’t want to exaggerate the note. But it is not nice to see how totalled negotiated colleagues while you continue making you responsible for the least grateful job, nor how it giggle friends at meetings with the lousy jokes of others while attending even one yours.