Agricultural Product

In turn, he is evidenced that the Agricultural Credit, through the CPR, sample that to foment and to fortify the agricultural market does not have to move away the security from the practised prices, and of the guarantee of the commercialization of the agricultural production, since it is anticipated what not yet it was stood, having the incubencies that if apply on such credit to be compatible with the reality of the sector, what until the moment if it shows adequate, therefore in contrast would take in them to the past of the scarcity of credit due to lack of liquidity of the market that if it presented at the time. In fact, the point most significant of the ballot of agricultural product is in the circumstance of that, when creating it, the drawer formulates pure and simple promise to deliver the product in mentioned it in the agreed place and the established conditions of delivery, inside of the specifications of amount and quality also indicated in the heading. In the truth the Ballot of Agricultural Product? CPR? it is representative heading of the promise to deliver, in future date (or either, in the expiration of the bond), the indicated agricultural product, in the specified amount and quality. In such a way the Ballot of Agricultural Product if shows a great instrument as form of attainment of agricultural expenditure, and that its success if confirms, for the low costs, for attainment of Agricultural Credit, and great acceptance on the part of financial institutions, banks, investment fund, and even though easiness of commercialization next to bola of values. Therefore, one notices that the Ballot of Agricultural Product is a great instrument of credit with ample guarantee in such a way to the purchaser how much to the salesman who if translates a great easiness of sales for if dealing with sales the term, that guarantees the anticipated commercialization to the producer through the necessary resource to the development of its farming activity, since it can be emitted by agricultural producer as well as for its associations or cooperatives, specified for the product the described term. .