Agrarian Federation

On the allocation of this money, the government announced the following thing: $ 3,100 million will be destined to the automotive sector with which it is hoped to finance the purchase of 100,000 vehicles. The sector had registered in the month of November a monthly fall of inter-annual 26.4% and of 28.1%, product of the impact of the turbulences. Following with the distribution of the package of stimulus, other $ 3,500 million will be used to grant credits to the consumption with a clear direction to the sector of electric home appliances, $ 1,250 million weights will have like objective the support to the industrial sector for the prefinancing of exports and other $ 3,000 million to support to the SMEs. Of the rest, $ 650 million will have as destiny the utilitarian financing of the acquisition of and oriented $ 1,700 to the prefinancing of exports in the farming sector. For the farming sector, in addition the reduction in 5 percentage points in the retentions to the exports of wheat and maize announced. From the agricultural sector, was dissatisfaction by the measures for the sector. It is that for president of Agrarian Federation (FAA), Eduardo Buzzi, in declarations reproduced by the Cronista, this measurement no they solve for anything the serious problems of the producers. Much more hard he was the representative of the Rural Society (MRS), Hugo Biolcati, that said: Is announcements to fill the cover of newspapers. To the producer it does not change the life to him, because what it is hoping it is not a reduction but a total elimination of the export rights . Beyond to be received well mannered by the main sectors benefitted, the controversial ones on the announcement of the plan have not been run out in the sayings of the leaders of the field.