Administrative Department

A couple of months ago, Sara Montiel appeared in various media claiming that its manager had cheated and left in ruin (+ info), proving that this fact is that neither painted for what I want to express in this post: how is it possible that some entrepreneurs manage their finances parked them and forgetting them to such an extent?. The administrative area of a company tends to be one of the forgotten by the managers, especially when they have their labor sources involved in other fields (for example, they have been workers in an industry and a good day explores the complex world of business). Depending on the size of the company, forms that takes this oblivion of economic matters will be one or the other. For example, entrepreneurs, freelancers and micro, tend to outsource tax and accounting topics to the asesorias-gestorias, neglecting the scope of internal information about costs and actual profitability of your business, leaving sold to management based largely on intuition. This is compounded if outsourcing is done to an independent professional and also given powers to handle billing and payment.

Another way to Park finances occurs in SMEs with some structure in their administrative area. Occurs when the Manager delegated all decisions in the administrative officer or Chief Financial Officer, forgetting that, even if you have someone you trust, you can not look away constantly in the management of your company. The Manager must have a close and frequent contact with the heads of area, with weekly meetings to be imbued with all the problems and opportunities that are presented in the management and to guide the destiny of the company with his last word in decisions. And speaking of decisions, the management of an enterprise issue decisions sustained, as a minimum, in the four fundamental pillars of management: sales, finance, production, human resources. Can not keep an Administrative Department and, when hiring a new employee only be made with the consensus of the production manager, either that when the commercial director to negotiate prices with a client, is done with the unique guidelines of the Manager (or even without guidelines). Almost all the decisions in a firm impact in multiple areas and especially in financial. You must not Park the management of a company, holding it solely to comply with the legal obligations (settlement of finance, Social Security, etc.), but that it should assume an important support for decision-making. Jose Manuel Pomares consultant in economic management and cost original author and source of the article optimization control

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