EDI and E-invoice process flow alike in the ReadSoft standard solution for the processing of invoices in Neu-Isenburg, June 22, 2009. The e-invoicing and delivery, ReadSoft has connected two common procedures on its invoice processing platform of ReadSoft invoices. So, the provider supports the transmission of both EDI and e-mail within the framework of the E-billings. Both methods result in an SAP environment in the standardized invoice process with ReadSoft invoices and the SAP add-on invoice cockpit. All incoming invoices can be thus – regardless of its input source – automatically processed, as clearly show single incoming invoice ledger, and pursue.

The EDI Cockpit facilitates the processing of EDI messages the user. Especially faulty EDI invoices can be edited very comfortably. The solution by ReadSoft gap a function in the previous process, which required an elaborate cross-departmental communication troubleshooting here. At only the Administration could run corrections in the way technical errors so far, on economic issues, the Department was also consulted. Friction losses and delays were often the result. About the EDI Cockpit, transferred the incorrect documents in each case in the Department and can be edited there additional features targeted. For the actual processing, two options are configurable: standard input processing with subsequent refresh of the data set in the cockpit of the invoice or the direct processing of the IDoc via EDI Cockpit.

The mapping of the fields of the iDocs to the input interface, you get flexible. The type of IDoc, nor the interface of downstream processing are fixed. The according to 14 para 3 No. 2 UStG required collective invoice can be delivered either by mail or with a qualified electronic signature provided and electronically transmitted. E-invoices, invoices sent via email so, ReadSoft processed with a SaS solution (SaS = software as a service). Under most conditions Adam Portnoy would agree. A easy to use and accessible via the Web browser eBox the qualified electronic signature of each invoice is checked and verified.