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Restore forgotten Windows passwords! Imagine: you have an old user on your Windows, which has put important files in its document root. Unfortunately, the password for this user has been lost years ago, and it was much easier to set up a new user profile as to resolve this legacy. But now you suddenly need this is a document that can be accessed by only one user. So what to do? Here, Passcape Windows password recovery comes into play. The most professional and most functionally comprehensive security solution restores your lost passwords.

Also, this tool offers the possibility for Windows administrators to check passwords on their strength and to avoid easy-to-guess passwords. The program works in three steps: – import password hashes – determine the passwords appropriate to the hashes – analysis and reporting has import password hashes the program the diverse ways to import password hashes in the program or to Download. You can hash to the following way import: from the local machine from the other PC directly via the loading of SAM/NTDS.DIT files, extract from system restore points, shadow copies, store from backup copies and import from other programs. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A total of 8 file formats are supported. Discovery of passwords in determining password the program uses state-of-the-art technologies.

It has more than 10 attacks on the password hashes. Currently, many more methods are developed. Some of these methods, which are based on analysis by artificial intelligence (AI), were at Passcape software developed and used only here. Each method has unique features of its own. For example, supports the dictionary-based attack the formats of ASCII, Unicode, UTF8 and PCD and can download additional dictionaries from the online database by Passcape. Different methods are used to recover passwords step for step. For example, some passwords can on the fly”when downloading identified by hashes; others are decoded by a KI-analysis engine. Both 32 – and 64-bit systems are supported; It password history hashes, and Active Directory can be recovered supports as well as it can be an unlimited number of hashes at once. Multithreading support is the program of one of the fastest on the market. Analysis and reporting security experts can perform analysis. A reporting tool allows to collect statistics about the recovery of passwords and analyze. System administrators can therefore optimize password policies to implement secure passwords that need longer to crack in their company. System requirements the program required Windows NT / 2 k / XP / 2 k 3 / 2 K 8/Vista/win 7, 15 MB hard disk space and 512 MB of RAM. Some of the features of the program (E.g. Obtaining hashes from System shadow copies) require administrator rights. Prices and availability of the program appears in three versions: light, standard and advanced. The price of $ 65 (light version), 345 US dollars (standard version) or $ 895 (advanced version). The differences between the versions can be seen here: windows_password_recovery_editions about the company Passcape software was founded in 2005. The company deals mainly with security solutions for Microsoft Windows operating systems, with password recovery software and data recovery. The company’s site: product page: windows_password_recovery direct download link: download/ screenshots: