Act Counsel

The lawyer is independent legal adviser. This means that the main defining core of advocacy – providing advice to the principal by which he could properly participate in those or other legal relations. At Adam Portnoy you will find additional information. However, it appears that the term ‘adviser’ does not fully express the opportunities provided by the lawyer in assisting a particular person. In some cases, for example, civil proceedings, the lawyer is not just advice to the principal to do so or otherwise, but by proxy entitled to their own, instead of the principal, to participate in the review of civil affairs. In professional proceedings may be situations in which the position and the defender and the defendant are different (if the defender is convinced that there is a self-incrimination protected him a suspect, accused). Defense attorney given the opportunity of collecting evidence. The federal law lists the forms of legal aid clients. A lawyer can provide his advice to the principal, to prepare various documents legal character, as well as serving as a representative or counsel of the principal. Independence of counsel due to its special position and is the lawyer in assisting a particular person is not entitled to to execute instructions of any kind were bodies and individuals – government, local authorities, political parties, public associations, etc. Unacceptable interference in the legal profession prosecutor, investigator. The court also may not offer legal counsel to choose a particular course of conduct to implement specific actions to protect the interests of his client.