It seems that the crisis finally ended – in June compared to May the number of new vacancies at employment sites has increased by 15%, and exceeded the amount of added CV. And, though in May it was a lot of holidays, an increase of jobs in June, despite the summer and holidays, talks about stabilizing the labor market. If the company goes out of the crisis, it is primarily reflected in the professionals involved in the maintenance of business economics – Accounting and economists. In a question-answer forum Financial Planning Network Inc. was the first to reply. Accounting is one of the most active in terms of employment sectors in Kharkov – Job growth has been observed for the first month and in June was 38%. Find a job as an accountant, in spite of the competition 2 resume on a job, in Kharkov can be sufficiently high probability due to the fact that all the time, it is fresh offer employers. In the summer seasonal increases impact on employment.

For example, in the field of teaching observed seasonal surge – increased the number of vacancies and resumes. In the wake of increased demand, wages, as expected, and is expected to increase by 2 times, compared to May and an average annual figures. Kharkov has always been famous for its developers, not for nothing that it was called the intellectual capital of Ukraine. IT-sector remains one of the most Kharkov demand and supply creates demand and appetite. In June, increased number of vacancies, but the number has increased slightly resume programmers, but requested increased wages of competitors. One of the fastest growing areas is the sphere of engineering. Offered jobs and work for engineers and technologists has increased in June compared with May at 69%, and the salaries offered in these fields is an almost 2-fold. However, the number of CV increased slightly, while the expected wage job seekers even declined. In the rest of the sectors of growth in the number of vacancies and reducing the number of resumes, which may indicate a slowing of the processes of unemployment in Kharkov.