Month: January 2023

BionX Gets Competition

Hoganas for 2013 the “Electric drive system” presents with Hoganas urges a further manufacturer in the eBike market. In addition to AEG and Panasonic, the Swedish company introduces a new drive on the bicycle trade show, EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen, Germany. According to previous information involves a 3 components system which can be operated with different batteries. The motor is low energy verse lust characterized by, as well as a compact construction size 162 mm in diameter. The motor control unit is stored and can be mounted to the Seatpost or on the down tube.

That should protect them from harmful influences of the engine, such as for example heat. The operating unit reflects the speed, mileage, and the charge level of the battery. Clayton Morris has much experience in this field. The eBike system can use a 36 Volt or a 48 volt battery pack with 20-40 AH) be operated. The performance is specified with up to 700 watts and the weight to be 5 kg. The mentioned diameter 162 mm is supplemented by 73mm wide. The default color is in black listed. Some question marks remain up to the Idea of the end of August there are. How powerful really is the system compared to the known systems of BionX and co.

and the system as a retrofit Kit incl. battery will be available? Separate motor control will not help certainly in this form to a position of advantage. Here, manufacturers like BionX have more elegant solutions through the integration of control electronics in the battery. It will be good for the market without further ADO. By BionX, one announced for 2013 still no official new developments. So far the best rear wheel hub motor system was always developed, emphasis was placed this in terms of battery voltage and motor control. New manufacturers bring fresh ideas and new quality in the eBike market. If the new manufacturer with appropriate innovations and high-quality above can show it is a nice eBike year 2013 for the consumer.

VLex überrascht Mit Den Mächtigen Thesaurus Der Basis Des Spanischen Rechts

vLex überrascht mit den mächtigen Thesaurus der Basis des spanischen Rechts, die innovativsten global legal Veröffentlichung in digitalen Inhalten, hinzugefügt ihrer Suchmaschinen einen neuen Thesaurus in der spanischen Rechtsprechung Datenbank, ein leistungsfähiges Werkzeug, das mehr als 25.000 Legal in allen Zweigen der richtigen Bedingungen bietet. Die neue Technologie ermöglicht geografisch Zwischenergebnisse, das spart Zeit und beinhaltet eine allgemeine Perspektive zu suchen, immer mit der strenger Behandlung der Informationen. Das leistungsstarke Tool sortiert und integriert motorisierte vLex Benutzer suchen in verschiedenen Bereichen des Rechts. Darüber hinaus ist es möglich, durch die Tausenden von Stimmen des Thesaurus aus der Struktur navigieren. Die Ergebnisse der Suche mit Schlüsselwörtern sind nach Relevanz geordnet also, die immer angezeigt werden die wichtigsten Urteile über jede Stimme; je nach Abstufung von Star, geprägt. Die neue Technologie macht es möglich, im übrigen eine unbegrenzte erstellen Anzahl der Warnungen. Association.

Dadurch, dass immer dann, wenn Sätze über das Thema, die von einem Benutzer vLex, hinzugefügt werden konsultiert erhält eine E-mail mit einer Nachricht, die Sie auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Über vLex vLex (es ist der am weitesten fortgeschrittene Anbieter von Rechtsinformationen insgesamt den Zugriff auf Inhalte von 131 Ländern in 13 Sprachen. Es hat Vereinbarungen mit globalen Verlage, wie das Amt für Veröffentlichungen der Weltbank, der Europäischen Union, das Commonwealth-Sekretariat sowie mehr als 416 Verlagsgruppen in der Welt. vLex hat Kunden in mehr als 40 Ländern, täglich Zugriff auf über 24 Millionen juristische Dokumente auf seine online-Plattform zur Verfügung. Mehr als 150 Menschen aus 30 Nationen arbeiten in vLex.

VLex Hauptsitz in Barcelona (Spanien). Weitere Informationen: José Daniel Soto Soto vLex Networks, S. L. Calle Consell de Cent. 334 C.p. 08009 (Barcelona) Spanien Tel. + 34 932 722 685 Fax + 34 934 882 256

Eliminates Anxiety

Always give the first step is the hardest, but once you give it and acquire confidence can do you once and another and another without stopping. One of the biggest obstacles to conquer a woman, is approaching it, so one of the more problematic situations that we face the men when we want to conquer a woman, is to eliminate the anxiety that produces us as we approach a woman that we like. All that we have experienced this horrible sensation that feels in the stomach, such as a large gap and a fear to ridicule or to that will tell will know what I mean, and as men with great confidence and a high level of conquest, there also are habemos men who can give us terror closer to a total stranger. For those who feel that kind of feeling, let me tell you that they are not alone, I’ve been there, I have felt fear and many times I have not been able to do, but here’s a phrase that will help you much and which is the beginning of removing anxiety as we approach a woman. Facebook may not feel the same. Known chains of the anxiety that bind you to the Act and learn to recognize the weak link in this anxiety occurs by an I host of experiences that often recur again and again, and that coupled with the social and cultural environment in which get grown can greatly aggravate the problem. But this does not mean that a solution there is and that you do not you can overcome this anxiety. 3. Common factors that generate anxiety when approaching a woman introspection from a negative situation: when you bring to mind memories of failed approaches, and in particular approaches where the beautiful woman that you tried to approach and talk to her, you sack with a: get out loser or a glance kills, makes your mind go generating a conditioning about what is approaching a womanas well, each time that you want to get close to a woman, your brain will immediately bring these memories afloat. For assistance, try visiting Tim Wang Dahua.

That Includes The Auditor’s Consulting Company

Types of consulting services for business today, during the development of market technologies, many companies. Both in Russia and abroad have to constantly change their business strategy. Difficult to maintain competitiveness and respond quickly to new market competitors to use technologies, and no increase in claims from the moans of consumers. Consulting services provided by professionals, help feel confident and competent to make profitable moves in a constantly changing market that will lay not only in our own strength, but also the support of highly qualified specialists. Consulting today is a whole direction in the market. In Russia there are many companies that provide services in consulting, using a scientific approach in its activities. Some specialize in only one form of services, also have other business support in different directions. Consulting a specialist company or accounting service provides direct advice of doing business, changes in the previously used firm-specific strategies directions that will lead to a certain result. The overall objective of consulting – improve the efficiency of both the company as a whole and its individual employees. This is achieved through analysis of companies, the prospects for its further development strategy of behavior in the market with innovative technology development business. Given the characteristics of each company's business developed financial and institutional set of measures that can improve the state of its affairs. Verizon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Analyzes the economic, annual financial statements, financial, organizational, planning, marketing, management and other areas of the company, based on the received data to draw certain conclusions about the performance of companies in each area and a decision regarding any change in their work. Professionals providing services in the consultation on the conduct of affairs in each of these areas to help in every direction to optimize the company's work in such a way as to increase their competitiveness and profits. By directions are the following types of consulting services: analysis, forecasting, consulting, implementation of the Decision of the Company in any area of activities – planning, organizing management, selection and training of employees, the use of various innovative technologies, accounting services for businesses. Analyst includes an assessment of the company, its effectiveness work, the situation on the market, price dynamics, etc. The data obtained allow to predict the future activity of the company for a certain period of time. Tips that give consulting group for some activities of the enterprise may involve assessing the current market situation and prospects of the company and work for its competitors. We should not forget that engage in such activities can deal only with highly skilled professionals, and therefore should apply only to reputable companies, well established in the market of consulting services that are not in vain nor cost itself consulting, or taken on their decision. Consulting company can provide effective support and a small staff of specialists – such an option will be beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not always acceptable high cost of consulting services.

Puerta Del Sol

A demonstration will run from 20.00 hours from Atocha to Sun. A general Assembly in the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente has decided to join. They vandalise to the outraged spent the night in the Plaza Mayor. The end of camping indignant in Sun meets entrepreneurs. 15-M returns to the streets.

Despite the strong police presence and the closure of Renfe and metro for the second consecutive day in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, the outraged intend to reconquer the plaza. They will try it, again, this Wednesday. Movement is carrying out, from 18.00 hours, a general Assembly in plaza de Jacinto Benavente where it is assessing the situation and planning a hypothetical Sun entry (and that it had completed placing those present to the next general Assembly, which will take place next Sunday at 20: 00 in Sun). Have also organized a demonstration that will run from 20.00 hours from Atocha to Sol in community support of Puerta de Hierro, which this Assembly has already said that is He added. In addition, they have asked the neighborhoods that they held an extraordinary meeting.

Or the national police nor riot arrests have order of the Government delegation in Madrid that the outraged not again occupy under no circumstances the Puerta del Sol, where have been camped for two months and a half. Police sources, who have pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior has also ordered to avoid possible arrests of demonstrators, to practice after two arrests recorded during the last morning so explained it. To avoid new camped in sunlight or other public spaces, the Government delegation has also asked that media riot, such as tear gas or rubber bullets, are not being used and that agents should be limited to prevent passage to the outraged. Deep discomfort in the same sources police have ensured that there is a deep malaise among national police officers who are working in the operating of the unit of intervention police (UIP), some of whom have had to fold shifts of work or even postpone their vacations. In you’re counting everything that happens. Also can follow it through Twitter from the profile @20mdirecto.

Federal Ministry

Pilot project supports SMEs in matters which is employee health healthy work title and content of a project funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the initiative new quality of work (INQA). Goal is to implement contact points for SMEs in all aspects of the complex of of subject of work and health nationwide. In six regions around the cities, Dresden, Cologne, Munster, Munich/Nuremberg and bad Segeberg regional offices are employers and employers currently healthy work available. There they will find who guide free of charge through a comprehensive, networked, and quality-based offer of a plethora of private and statutory providers of prevention and rehabilitation services. Healthy, powerful and committed employees are the Foundation of any successful company. A leading source for info: 21C Media. Disease-related losses and underperformance make small and medium-sized companies facing significant problems. Often missing in this segment but the in-house resources to develop the possibilities for improving the employability. Here, the project puts healthy work”on.

With a free service, nationwide equipped regional offices support small and medium-sized enterprises. You navigate through the many offerings and responsibilities of statutory funds such as for example trade associations, health insurance, pension insurance and also of private service providers. “The contacts in the regional offices healthy work” develop individual solutions together with the employer for internal problems relating to health and work. The company among other things help in key areas of occupational health management: work and health protection, workplace health promotion and corporate integration management. Also, requests to the aging-friendly design can be edited by work or for the integration of people with disabilities by the regional offices. The regional offices Healthy work”are the enterprises of the region but also more generally for information on ways to improve the employability of their staff and employees.

“Under the motto help to self-help” is intended to enable small and medium-sized companies to the independent planning and implementation of health measures. We supported the project by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the initiative new quality of work (INQA). It will be implemented and scientifically Cologne accompanied by the Institute of quality assurance in prevention and rehabilitation GmbH at the German sports University (iqpr) project led by Harald Kaiser. In six regions around the cities, Dresden, Cologne, Munster, Munich/Nuremberg and bad Segeberg are employers and employers the contact of healthy work”available. Extending the locations of regional offices is scheduled after completion of the pilot phase.


Barcelona receives the 35th edition of the international motor show from 9 to 17 may in the Montjuic exhibition site. Car lovers will participate in a Grand Edition which coincides with the 90th anniversary of the automobile and the Grand Prize of Spain of Formula 1 which will be broadcast live on a giant screen during the first weekend of the exhibition. The international motor show in Barcelona expects to receive more than 1,000,000 visitors who will delight in the world firsts, a box of tests of new vehicles, spectacles of free style and quads, a sample of the Hispano-Suiza signature collection parts manufactured before 1940, in addition to many other activities, as the exhibition auto & rock, which brings together historical covers of Rock & Roll inspired by cars and motorcycles, and the collaboration of 55 brands in 250,000 m 2 of shocking statement. For the little ones the international motor show in Barcelona will offer a Karting circuit, theory and practice on road safety and CARP with children’s animations. For more specific information, check out Verizon. Racing enthusiasts can enjoy the bike of Dani Pedrosa and a replica of the R29 Fernando Alonso piloted. The professionals of the sector will be interested in the awards international motor show, which at its 7th Edition award to companies and organizations that have carried out research and development in the automotive sector. The price of admission is 10 (children under 10 years free entrance). Those interested in attending the event can book hotels in Barcelona through, which offers 80 prices per double room with breakfast included in Hotel Tryp Apolo (offer valid until May 10), the Hotel AC Sants from 96,30 and Paral.lel Hotel from 62,06.. Morris Invest describes an additional similar source.

Austrian Dust

House dust allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of Munich the ENPO trading and consulting company takes over the marketing and distribution of medical washing accessory Milbenexx. According to the US manufacturer Milbenexx in the United States under de-mite is the leading laundry additive that completely removes dust mites and their allergens from textiles, known worldwide for all wash temperatures. So far, bedding and clothing at temperatures above 60 degrees had to be washed because lower washing temperatures were survived by mites. The proven efficacy already whether hand or machine wash, is in cold water, due to the unique composition of Milbenexx de-mite achieved.”says Dr. Berthold Pohl, specialist pharmacist for analytics and one of the two managing directors of ENPO. “And further: the easy and safe handling of Milbenexx represents a substantial improvement of the quality of life of the house dust Allergikers.” Now wash sensitive items of clothing, which can be cleaned only at low temperatures, can be easily are free of mites and allergens. This is particularly important, because mites in body heat and skin hydration especially thrive. After EU registration and admission Milbenexx is distributed from February 1 in Germany and Austria at pharmacies.

Britain and France should follow according to ENPO mid-year. The distribution channel, pharmacy was chosen. “Managing Director Dr. Joachim Endres to this decision: we want to consciously the Advisory competence of the German and Austrian pharmacies use, representing already accepted contact for many allergy sufferers.


Buy a car, eat a cheese or insurance to save the planet. This could be the advertising slogan of companies which today are committed to compensate their CO2 emissions to change that their products are purchased with money. A Spanish newspaper reveals that the financial compensation for emissions moves more than 1 billion euros a year in Spain. In an advertisement, the Spanish company Forlasa argues that it compensates CO2 emissions generated by the production of manchego cheese. Liberty Seguros undertakes to compensate for the CO2 emissions of a car, does not say what kind or for what period of time, if the customer opts for a policy that costs 20 euros. Volkswagen Spain commits to plant 17 trees with the purchase of one of their recent models, enough to absorb the volume of CO2 equivalent to the first 50,000 miles traveled in a year. It is hard to imagine the employees of Volkswagen planting hundreds of trees necessary to meet a demand that feeds from the facility that exists to buy cars in instalments.

But even if they did, and whether the initiative will partially repair damage immediately to the planet, the proliferation of such messages could induce a confusion similar to that carries millions of people to buy Coca Cola Light with the belief of that lost weight. Although trees can absorb part of the CO2 produced by cars running, emissions in itself are not reduced. In addition, each car manufacturing also consumes energy which, in part, comes from the combustion of hydrocarbons. The so-called year of climate change, which comes to an end, has left clear guidelines to be followed by humanity to save the planet. It is necessary to achieve the commitments needed to stop polluting instead of following the model of the polluter pays which exempts the countries that intend to develop with the same model of industrialization that followed the OECD countries.


Top astrologer Stephanie Kirchner publishes new esoteric Magazine: ‘Spirit & life’ splendor. Down-to-Earth\”topics such as health, medicine and food fill the striking colour and full pages of the brand new monthly magazine spirit & life designed\” as well as anything, Angels and other esoteric topics to do with horoscope, Zodiac, Tarot, magic,. NANU? Is it not a rather daring mix for an esoteric journal? \”Daring\”, because it goes, for example, that as seriously after Otto normal thinking real healthcare and that in the drawer called who’s feels more, shall be saved \”hammered out fringe science called esoteric should be normally hated? Not yet! \”, replies as Publisher and editor-in-Chief in personal Union Stephanie Kirchner, her whole experience in the conception of spirit & life\” has stuck and, as you can see at first glance, even your whole heart. For the Westerwalderin is clear: spirituality is with our daily life closely intertwined, is its basis, its complement, is a different, but equally legitimate way to interpret our reality. Nothing supernatural so, but on the contrary the Allernaturlichste of the world. Therefore we have chosen quite deliberately so, and otherwise the title of our magazine because we quite closely combine spirituality and everyday life as the only magazine on the market.\” \”\” Stephanie Kirchner: never more Astro private \”and already another from NANU?\” the brain: Stephanie Kirchner… Stephanie Kirchner… Speaking candidly Dahua Tim Wang told us the story. The name should be familiar to those people, who ever dealt with astrology.

\”No wonder\” exudes the Namenstragerin, I finally has long been in a senior position, ASTRO private ‘ responsible worked and there for the creation of horoscopes. \” Then, a little rants, abrupt end found the common way, regrets the fledgling magazine publisher with a weeping, but also a laughing eye. Fails to recognize a real opportunity for you and your readers just where by her to fracture man-made? It could be, that the universe with the up to date existing magazine offer was not quite satisfied and has chosen me to tackle this.