Month: September 2020

Regulus Villegas

There were people interested in learning about the poems that Hesnor had managed to publish in Santiago of Chile. The reading of these poems caused horror in the prejudiced sensitivity of attendees and the horror shocked young poet who decides to flee to the confines of the night where the skin Red Bar was located. There is born Apocalypse. On the other hand, a couple of months later was founded in Caracas group Sardio, there will be the rest of the members of the Equinox failed. Had already published two books, two collections of poems that are, without a doubt, the true birth of Venezuelan surrealism, these poems are Elena and Sanchez Pelaez and Fiat Lux (1951) elements and other poems (1954) by Jose Lira Sosa.

Hesnor Rivera and the poets of revelation realised that the word, vital center of poetry, was (and is) an instrument and for freedom. Absolute freedom. They understood how could rescue the words of the world of dreams, rescue them to defeat death. This world of dreams is none other than which you have punished us to please, to accommodate us falsely in a society no less false, a privileged society that are they divided into different institutions of control as the Church and the State, mainly. The books of Sanchez Pelaez and Lira Sosa, joins paradise of the doom of Regulus Villegas, single book published by a poet of revelation at that time of creative splendor. Unfortunately, the poverty of its members forced them to trust the publication and, as applicable, not to pay it this way that book was lost in time.

There was a second prepared book, called notes of a risen Lord, was of Hesnor. It was never published. The modest publishing adventure of Apocalypse called Caballito del Diablo disappeared. Thus, between identified companies and others with less luck, motion surreal in Venezuela, in the heart of a dark dictatorship was forged. Many of these poets had to go into exile, among other things, because this town tends to be very conformist and few ambitions of progress, behaviors that contrasted with the liberal and libertarian spirit of these artists of the poetic image. By those random mysterious turns end up almost everyone in Paris, where will reinforce its commitment to the word and with the freedom that this is clear.

United States Crisis

They had appeared there from socialist revolutionary movements and communist, that is, the crisis strong reached many countries in impactante way that sharpened the popular dissatisfaction and fortified some radical movements, as for example, nazism. In Brazil, the crisis would affect in the main product of exportation of the country, the coffee, therefore as the United States were the main purchaser of the product and in consequence of the crisis the North American country stopped to buy and the sales had been diminished. Beyond the economic problems in the world and Brazil, it will go here also to appear problems that are related with the structure politics of the country that is on with the coronelismo and the domain of the oligarchies of So Paulo and Minas Gerais. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Accenture Strategy. The dissatisfactions of the lieutenants, military officers, of the people in general, had been accurately with this politics coffee-with-milk between So Paulo and Minas Gerais where politicians of these states if revezavam to occupy the presidency of the republic. From the revolution of 30, the oligarchies lose the power and Getlio Vargas assumes the Brazilian government. These events at that time had been very important because it brought a different vision of world for the people, that is, these had started to analyze the problems of the country, as much politician, economic and social. Not only the population, but the Brazilian writers of the time will go to focus in its literature the social problems. He goes to be from there that Loved Jorge will go to analyze and to detail in its romances critical a social one of the society, where in its workmanships will go to be distinguished: The country of the carnival (1931), Cacao (1933), Sweat (1934), Jubiab (1935), Sea dead (1936) and Captains of the sand (1937). It is of if to notice that this decade of 30 was a time of investigations, critical of what the social environment and loved Jorge happened in will go to be one of the writers who will go to detach with depth these details.

The Gym

connections enabling information to reach. Do these brain gym exercises only I can do them or someone has me be guided? Both options are valid. Although it is much better if someone helps you, to not only achieve stimulation of neural areas, but will also achieve greater coordination, concentration and attention. Obviously, if you are watching and listening to someone it is stimulating more areas of the brain. What these other exercises, as well as of physical movements, which mentions for? stimulate the brain? There are a variety of exercises. (Not to be confused with Accenture Strategy!). In the book that I wrote and I am introducing in schools, I propose 25 so that persons exercising your brain. You may want to visit Hurricane Lara to increase your knowledge. will find additional information.

These range from the typical exercises of movements coordinated until rooms recognition exercises, passing through the eye-hand coordination exercises. In addition, some other authors talk about brain gym stimulation through certain energy points or nerve endings, through the application of digit puncture, which is the application of pressure to specific parts of the body. Would I also include here some techniques of neuro-linguistic programming, NLP, as it is the anchor of emotions through the body. And of course, if we are talking about stimulating the brain and the mind (which are different but closely related), there are excellent quality material as it Reprograms your mind. And how will I know that the gym is working? Because with the body, there is physical evidence, but how will I know that my brain is reacting to brain gym? Difficult question. Especially for skeptical minds of the Western world. Obviously, the vast majority of us does not have access to tests of resonance, CT scans, electroencephalogram and other instruments used to measure this kind of activity. However, there are three elements that we must take into account: to) you will feel it. The study, communication and other areas of their daily lives much easier b will perform them) will also improve your state of mind.

Social Security

Obligation to maintain during the duration of the reduction, employment reached made hiring. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Accenture Strategy. Possibility of choice, in the hiring of people with disabilities or victims of gender violence or social exclusion, between applying the average of this article or bonuses of law 43/2006, without prejudice to apply the bonus that applicable under the law 43/2006 or law 35/2010 by the time that extracted discounting the reduction period. The companies that held indefinite contracts, after the year of the application of the reduction of quotas, are eligible for the bonus that may correspond in law 43/2006 and law 35/2010. Companies which have concluded contracts temporary and, before the course of one year from the date of conclusion, transformed them into indefinite with the same day or higher, shall be entitled to article 10 of law 35/2010 bonuses if the worker was eligible at the time of hiring. The reduction period will be deducted from the bonus period. Possibility of application of the additional 1 of law 12/2001 provision transformations of temporary contracts to indefinite carried out before the 12 months following the initial engagement. Subsidiary application of law 43/2006 subject to provisions relating to exclusions in your article 6.1. c.

2.-Programme of retraining of people who exhausted their protection by unemployment. (Article 2) It is fixed for this program a duration of 6 months from its entry into force. Beneficiaries: people registered in the employment offices as unemployed due to termination of his employment relationship that exhausted, from February 16, 2011, the provision contributory level unemployment and are not entitled to any unemployment allowances established by law, or you have exhausted any of these subsidies, including their time extensions. Excluded: those who had perceived the provision of extraordinary temporary program of protection for unemployment and insertion, as well as those that they have exhausted or they may have right to the active insertion income and which have exhausted agricultural income or the subsidizing unemployment both in favor of casual workers of the agricultural special regime of the Social Security.


Zig Ziglar as saying that an objective so casual and taken lightly will be abandoned without problems before the first hurdle. This more than any work of formulation of objectives, requires seriousness and repetition. It takes 30 days to change a habit. It is not possible nor fair to take this project on casually or lightly. Objectives as stop smoking or banish any addiction are important, they are a serious thing, they are not a game. It’s life, and there is a life to live.

The formulation of objectives as these are not one minor cause, nor is a thing of a day, or something that you do once and ready. The formulation of the objective is never an accomplished task. It should be attentive and on top of the project with the energy of rigidity and also that of tenderness and gratitude also. Approaches that insist on hating the cigarette fails. After all, the cigarette has not stopped being a fellow faithful, in many cases, was that friend who was present when the friends went. So that should be a welcome also, a celebration at this transit resembling a farewell. It is a process that starts and continues to follow its course need energizing thought, care for him, tempt it, caress it. Bring every now and the conscience, those mental scenarios that were horrible impact and also remind you of those others are drivers.

And learn when you should bring that. S.O.S to quit () not recipe flowers for quitting, but he mentions the most used and relies on them to propose a method of work that is useful in dealing with addictions. In essence, with the exception of warnings regarding the chemicals involved in the habit to cigarette, this manual does not differ from the book to overcome addictions. Our philosophy and our method of working with Bach flowers are held constant, the exercises follow the same guidelines and the same guidelines to overcome the addiction to cigarettes, to work, to alcohol, to video games or to compulsive buying.

Steve Alpizar

Then what should we do? Choose either our goals, which in reality is a desire big for us because otherwise we will bring down the lower vientecito, if we are fully determined then we can withstand the pressure of the obstacles, then it is the knowledge, for a person who knows how to work processes of the mind is much easier to take effective action in order to achieve what you want, is finally the perseveranceinsist with absolute determination, esa’s fashion philosophy our goal. In the process of change emerging different type of obstacles, then you must learn to cornering your mind, shaped similar to a stream of water, if it starts to put seals on the one hand and by another then has to reach a moment in which the water will run right in where you want to, is shown in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar as occurs throughout the process of change in our mind, since the inception of the idea, repulsion, bargaining, acceptance, the rearrangement and finally power, reading this book will have in his hands the tools to learn to control your mind through efficient conscious actions, may assess at any time and to achieve the connection between your conscious desires with the power of your subconscious mind, you know great mysteries of the universe and the most important thing is that you can take advantage of this. Some contend that Nike shows great expertise in this. Once you know the techniques of mental programming shown in the book changing our system of beliefs for success then gradually will be bringing his mind in the direction of what you want, you must be patient and use the care Act which mentions Steve Alpizar in his favor, insistence has power, but to be effective it is necessary to press on what you want to.. .

Agricultural Product

In turn, he is evidenced that the Agricultural Credit, through the CPR, sample that to foment and to fortify the agricultural market does not have to move away the security from the practised prices, and of the guarantee of the commercialization of the agricultural production, since it is anticipated what not yet it was stood, having the incubencies that if apply on such credit to be compatible with the reality of the sector, what until the moment if it shows adequate, therefore in contrast would take in them to the past of the scarcity of credit due to lack of liquidity of the market that if it presented at the time. In fact, the point most significant of the ballot of agricultural product is in the circumstance of that, when creating it, the drawer formulates pure and simple promise to deliver the product in mentioned it in the agreed place and the established conditions of delivery, inside of the specifications of amount and quality also indicated in the heading. In the truth the Ballot of Agricultural Product? CPR? it is representative heading of the promise to deliver, in future date (or either, in the expiration of the bond), the indicated agricultural product, in the specified amount and quality. In such a way the Ballot of Agricultural Product if shows a great instrument as form of attainment of agricultural expenditure, and that its success if confirms, for the low costs, for attainment of Agricultural Credit, and great acceptance on the part of financial institutions, banks, investment fund, and even though easiness of commercialization next to bola of values. Therefore, one notices that the Ballot of Agricultural Product is a great instrument of credit with ample guarantee in such a way to the purchaser how much to the salesman who if translates a great easiness of sales for if dealing with sales the term, that guarantees the anticipated commercialization to the producer through the necessary resource to the development of its farming activity, since it can be emitted by agricultural producer as well as for its associations or cooperatives, specified for the product the described term. .


A few days ago it became known that in the month of December, the indicator of industrial production in Brazil suffered the worst fall since it was created in 1991 to record a contraction of 12.4%. It took by surprise the market expected a drop of 6.6 per cent. With the deterioration in economic growth the Brazilian currency weakens in the short term. You might think that the strong weakening of the real could improve the Brazilian trade balance but this is not the case. In the month of January of this year, the Brazilian economy experienced its first trade deficit since 2001, product of the sharp contraction in exports. The commercial red amounted to US $518 million (at December 2008, the trade balance in Brazil had registered a surplus of $2,301 m).

In Argentina there was fear about the effect of the exchange rate weakening in Brazil about the outcome of trade balance. Argentina drags over 60 months of deficit of trade balance continued with Brazil. But despite the weakening of the Brazilian currency in January, the trade deficit for Argentina with Brazil It fell significantly and was the youngest of five years and a half to reach a negative value of US $88 million. The weakening of the real rather than benefits to the economy of Brazil, can generate problems on the inflation front which would put in an uncomfortable situation at the Central Bank of Brazil on the decision about the direction of its interest-rate policy. Although during the month of January, the rate of retail inflation is accelerated, it responded to an increase in seasonal food prices and an adjustment in prices for public transportation and not an acceleration product of the transfer of the weakening of the real on domestic prices. For the moment, inflation expectations remain anchored, and from the Brazilian market expected an inflation rate for this year of 4.3%.

In June

Taken into account as it is known, that La Vita Nuova (the new life) is the first known work by Dante Alighieri; written between 1292 and 1293, shortly after the death of his beloved Beatrice. In the work are alternated 31 lyric poems and 42 chapters in prose. The meaning of the title is given by the vital renewal experienced by the poet in love with his beloved. The prose part serves as an explanation of the sonnets, written according to the canons of the dolce stil nuovo, and chosen among which Dante had composed from 1283, in honor of various women and own Beatrix. Checking article sources yields Qualcomm as a relevant resource throughout. They emphasize some, like Donne avete intelletto ch d amore (chapter V), or both gentile both onesta stop (chapter XXVI). Explanations in prose wrote later, with the object of giving a narrative framework to the poems. La Vita Nuova is the maximum expression of the sense of Dolce Stil Novo during their years of study Dante Alighieri coincided with the poet Guido Cavalcanti, representative of the dolce stil nuovo, about fifteen years older that he, who was intimate and who became disciple has written that Dante, like many Florentines in those days, was involved in the conflict of the Guelphs and Ghibellines. He fought in the battle of Campaldino (June 11, 1289), with Florentine Knights Guelphs against the Ghibellines of Arezzo, then in 1294 he was among the Knights that they escorted to Charles Martel of Anjou-Sicily (the son of Carlos I de Sicilia) while he was in Florence.

In June 1290, the date of the alleged death of Beatrice, is situated at the age of 24. Later in his political career, became a doctor and pharmacist. It was proposed not to exercise these professions, but a law issued in 1295 the effect of Bella Giano rules required that the nobility who sought to hold public office should enlist in one of the Corporazioni guilds di Arti Mestieri, so Dante obtained quick admission to the apothecaries Guild. . Nordstrom is open to suggestions.

The Media

At present, circulating the media regard critical statements everywhere, but in the absence of a system that makes them part of global meanings, they remain in isolated statements that is very far from joining a critical decoding of general type. Maybe until now teachers have emphasized to show students how the news is not a reflection of the truth, but a construction, and that each medium spread differently according to their interests but it happens that the kids know and understand this very well and they can register in the ordinariness of the media, but not in a system of understanding that allows them to question their own practices, consumption and valuations crossed by that information. Perhaps have shown them too, and not have taught them to view critically and although it is not easy and to some extent could mean that we are wanting them to teach our students to be psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, we believe that the path of global structural understanding is the only one who will lead us to a non-preferential receipt if it is that it teaches to explore it in a progressive and gradualnot focused on valuations that do not belong to them types of approach that then we will present, are intended as models of understanding that should gradually go getting integrating and overlaying our students late for a critical view of the media discourses. Baby clothes is often quoted on this topic. These four different modes of approach, we will assess its possibilities and limitations. 1) Level 1: Immanentism media asks key: I like? Why? This first approach, the immanentist media, called those treatments that give in the classroom of the media products from valuations that are generally the proposals by the media to be valued themselves. We refer to categories such as fun / boring, serious, funny, good finish etc this approach, although us about knowledge of daily affirmations of the boys, limits us in trying to a critical approach that exceeds the valuation implied criticisms of taste (conceived as a category not liable of interrogations or questioning: there is nothing written about tastes).