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Global Environmental Changes

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

The Amazon region possesss about 5 million km, immense area of forest, according to studies the exuberant vegetation it is recent dating of the end of the period the Pleistocene to the beginning of the holoceno. The holoceno was initiated about 12 a thousand years period of finishes glaciation (the temperature of the planet diminished considerably allowing the advance of the ice until next to the tropical regions). If to take in consideration the glaciations we must also consider the interglaciaes (interval between the glaciations where the climate was stabilized being the temperatures amenas). The planet passed for some periods of glaciation and interglaciao the consequncia of this is many between them can cite the changes in the characteristics of the vegetation. One evidenced that the vegetation of the previous Amaznia the exuberant forest was an open pasture or savannah. The sawed one and savannah the dispersed vegetation and tripping possess some characteristics between them in common.

For many this was the cause of the extines in mass of many gigantic mammals that lived in this region as, for example, mastodonte of the plain (elephant), purussauro, among others, beyond the adaptation of many other animals, as if the human one. Leaving of this premise we can say that we are in a interglacial period with hotter temperatures in all the planet. The increase of the temperature is intensified by the action of the activities of homo sapiens sapiens (modern man). Second studious on the subject we would have this passing or at least next to another period of glaciation and we are not only for the current global heating, will be same? Good, however, hotter or more cold, the certainty is that the exaggerated changes bring consequences, for example goes to take in consideration the high temperatures of the planet on the Amaznia, according to estimates of the INPE (Space Institute of Space research) between the 2010 and 2040 temperature in the Amazon region will be able to increase in the best one of the hypotheses up to 2 centigrade degrees. This can now cause a new change in the region of the forest for the savanizao (savannah) that as studies already existed in another period of time.

If to think about the current fauna and the possible changes in the temperature and the consequent change about the structure of the vegetation can be said that many will be instincts or suffer mutations from adaptation. If to think about this with regard to the race human being the consequences can be the same ones with regard to the other animals, extines and adaptations, however, with more emphasis and distortions. What we could make or that we can make about everything this?

The Load

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

The demographic aging considerable cause concern, being of intense relevance to come back the attention toward the load that the aging of the population imposes to the society of what to understand the nature of deep complexity that if relates with the participant questions of the question. The fact most preoccupying of the authorities is the increasing number of people of age in the inactivity and they do not contribute more with the contribution of the social security. According to Novaes (2001): ‘ ‘ the scholars find obstacles when defining the aged one, therefore he still can be seen on chronological, psico the criterion biological and economic-social or, three combinados’ ‘. Looking at of the point of view chronological, it is identified with relative easiness how many years of life the person possesss. However, under the point of view of the psychological conditions and physiological, hardly knowledge of these conditions is had, a time that the same ones are personal conditions of each one independently of its etria band, physical aptitudes of the organism and the mind.

It is appraised oldness as initiated between 60 and 65 years. This is the phase in which if it also uses the legal concept of oldness, when if it defines for legal consequences, what he is an old one. It is the determination of a etrio limit from which a person is considered as anci, being able to enjoy of benefits special, between them I benefit of the providence and the retirement. the setting of this limit of sixty and sixty and five years is only one referencial, therefore many people age before this period and others, much later. Although of different form, the aged ones of had been today benefited with the reduction of mortality materna, of mortality in the middle-age and in adult and advanced ages. They are the great beneficiaries of? safena bridges.