10 Interesting Facts About The Microsoft

The first documented mention of Microsoft. For the first time Microsoft word was written on paper, 29 November 1975. His mention Bill Gates in a letter co-founder Paul Allen. Then the name of the future mega-corporations had several other writing – Micro-soft. Registered trademark, it was a year later – on Nov.

26, 1976. . iPod and Google are not allowed. Microsoft ceo Steve Ballmer has insisted that his children are only products of this company. In an interview with cnn, he said: ‘My children, like others, largely brought up badly, but at least one aspect of’ brainwashing ‘acted: they do not use the iPod and Google’.

Digital data on Microsoft. To date, Microsoft in general operates 95,828 people. The average age of employees – 37 years, 74.7% of them – men. The corporation has 88 earthen portions around the world, their total area is 1,121 sq.m. 739.83.. First Office specifically for the Mac. The first version of Microsoft Office appeared in 1989 year. It comes on floppy disks and cd support only one operating system – Mac os. Version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows came in early 1990. . Exclusive sound Windows. audio download Windows 95 was created by composer Brian Eno with computer Apple. Diverse sounds for Vista written by Robert Fripp, a former guitarist for King Crimson. . What’s eating at Microsoft. For restaurant service employees, Microsoft created a special unit – Microsoft Dinning Service. It daily provides employees about 2200 pizzas. Throughout the year, Microsoft employees consume nearly 4 million cartons of milk, 7 million bottles of mineral water and 2 million packets of tea. . More than 12 000 days at Microsoft. Bill Gates has worked in the same corporation he founded with 4 April 1975 to 27 June 2008. Along with the holidays and weekends it is 12 139 days. . Great-grandfather of Windows. The first Microsoft os called Xenix. Unix-like operating system has entered the market on Aug. 25, 1980. Bill Gates wanted her to become the standard system for computers, but it did not work out. Xenix worked with the hard drive and 256 kilobytes of ram. ibm computer at the time were equipped with only a 64 kb ram, and hard drives were too expensive. . Flaw the save button. ‘Save’ button in all office programs prior to the 2003 version had a small flaw. It worked perfectly, however, the sismvol – floppy disk – was painted with the error: the protective curtain in the wrong direction. Fact 10. 16 billion digits one table. Microsoft Exel 2007 provides a table with many columns of up to 16 million and the number of rows to 1 million other words, the program can accommodate up to 16 billion individual records.