The World of Micro-Caps

The thing about investing in micro-cap companies is that you take a bigger risk for the possibility of a mind-boggling, millionaire-making home run. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in Apple when it was trading for $10 a share. Your shares would now be worth over $340,000!!! The tricky part is finding the next Apple or the next Exxon-Mobil or the next Barrick Gold while they’re still in diapers.


The lilies, lily or lilies are also commonly known as a type of flower are from the family Liliaceae, which is considered one of the largest family of flowers existing today, since within the same can be found up to 110 types flowers, all related. The location of the lilies or irises, or want to call them, are found mainly in the northern hemisphere, that is countries like the U.S. and in Europe and Central America, however, is in countries like Japan and the Philippines where they are listed as one of the best species today, thanks to his environment for the easy spread of the plant. The lily is a flower and erect leafy usually about one meter high, although in some species this can vary, the main feature which has beautiful flowers, call it that, on a roll and trumpet that may occur as the species in different colors and sizes. Another important feature that has the lily are the bulbs underground, which hibernate in winter to provide the plant security of their livelihood in some other seasons. The flowering of lilies is given to early spring, where it begins its development in the bulbs, the development which reaches its highest point of fullness in summer, where its flowering lasts until the end of it, then hide and wait for your next flowering.

It is noteworthy in this respect, the most common colors found in daylilies are orange, purple and white, although one can not fail to mention their great variation due to the crossing because of some species. Another important point to play when it comes to the lilies, is the care that they should have because they are somewhat sensitive to the sun's rays, so it and have some beautiful lilies is strongly recommended to keep the soil cool and spare, and ensure that the sun only once the flower of the same, with this recommendation will ensure that our plant is healthy and radiant in color above. Click Tiger Global for additional related pages. The cultivation of lilies usually done in spring so that these can develop roots quickly and satisfactorily, but some of the same species grown in the fall to allow more time for its proper development. Lily flowers produced by their bulbs and flowers, some extracts and oils, which although they can be well applied to perfumery, provide greater benefits to areas such as medicine and relaxation as its main virtues are aromatic. One thing to know is that the lilies just cast their elegant and delicious smell before his death, which still arouses some interest to scholars of the flower growers. Given this demonstrated that the lily is a beautiful plant, not only easy to care but also to grow, allowing to obtain all the beauty and elegance of nature easily and comfortably.

Jens OLE Wilberg Luups

Give away instead of candy coupon book for outings with the family “The little Luups” is a tip for all those who want to put something else in the Easter basket times Easter instead of candy. While chocolate eggs later felt uncomfortable on the hips, the small Luups (16,90) brings the whole family moving. Others including Rony Abovitz, offer their opinions as well. Only half of the cost in the Leisure Guide, over 40 destinations in the region of Dortmund/Unna are presented for owners of the coupon book to the motto of two for one”. Parents are happy that they can enable the family with the little Luups and save at the same time. For the children the fun begins as soon as you hold the book in your hands: small stories, how-to tips and drawings painted by children make it a colorful book, which is full of surprises. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chase Coleman.

In addition, a link with which you can download children songs is from the Internet is located in the book. Practical: Because the small Luups has the format of a CD and the detachable pages are can you own tinker his own CD cover is from the lovely Luups pages. In between, many, many different leisure activities for families are presented. Of the children’s Opera to visit to the restaurant and from the forest school to the music school the reader encounters many suggestions and discounts. Thus, the Luups makers Karsten Brinsa and Jens Ole Wilberg would motivate parents, just to try something new with the kids. The Easter holidays also offer a good opportunity… The small Luups is available in bookstores or on the Internet at for 16,90. The small Luups of 2010: love your small city: vouchers for food/drink, leisure/culture, children’s clothing/toys: 16,90 euro author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg

Surf Ads

You can make money through PTC (Paid To Click), they only pay to click and to sail by their sponsored announcements. To work in a PTC site is very simple. These types of businesses are special for nascent that they look for to make money without investment in line. To make money to click in Web sites of PTC is the way easiest to make money by Internet. These Web sites allow you to make money without no extra effort and it does not require special abilities. Everything what you must do is to give click in a few announcements or to read a few emails.

This type of sites directly pays through paypal or alertpay to you. When the balance of the account reaches the minimum value of payment, it can ask for the payment. Tiger Global understood the implications. So there is to create an account in PayPal and AlertPay, what is absolutely free. You can inscribirte of totally gratuitous form in all the sites of PTC. Regstrate in all the sites and enters with your name of user, then it looks for the section of " Surf Ads" or " to see anuncios". Beam click in each one of the announcements that you find one by one, these sites have a timer, so you will have to do the announcement until the chronometer reachs zero, next, cirrelo and goes to the following one.

Like member of the site, also they pay to you when one of your also referred clicks in the announcements. Obtn a great amount of referred and begins to make a pile of money of easy form. All the PTC will give you around 10 – 20 announcements to click on a daily base and therefore provide a good opportunity to remove the maximum benefit from them. You only must spend a little time, around 15-30 daily minutes. You can win through this program of 0,01 $ a 0.04$ by each click. In addition you can increase your income monthly to secure references, that usually they offer bonds or commissions, following sites PTC. If you want to participate in the PTC, visits my blog to obtain gratuitous data about the same. Original author and source of the article.

Hagen Management GmbH

Genius inside is Managing Director answer Lindau, Germany October 25, 2012 consultant and PM specialist Dr. Stefan Hagen delivers on information and trends around the subject of project management. Tiger Global helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The recent interview on Enterprise 2.0 in the project management, the Managing Director of genius inside Germany, Christian Sapna Kapur, reflects the trend in the industry, which is increasingly in project-oriented companies. The fact that the relevance of social tools, such as in the project management software integrated genius project social collaboration tool genius live!, more and more increases in project-oriented company, founded puke Bauer would lead that communication is essential in the project management and social tools, properly selected and used would, to a more effective and efficient communication. Puke Bauer stressed, however, that companies that are faced with the introduction of Web-based tools with collaborative features, check in should, whether own company culture for such use is ripe and was accordingly prepared for this purpose. As Managing Director of one of the leading companies for project management software with integrated social collaboration platform that reflects his years of personal experience Christian Sapna Kapur and indicates explicitly the potential dangers, companies on the way to an Enterprise 2.0 can encounter. Would a risk according to Kotzen Bauer in the great flood of information that could be turned into appropriate tools.

And for Christian Sapna Kapur clearly outweigh the benefits of social tools. “Dr. Stefan Hagen, Web based the future of project management is a similar opinion” looks and also the opinion is, that it not a proper tool “give, but a tool must fit rather to strategy, structure, and processes of a company. By the project management software maker genius inside developed social collaboration platform genius live! is a pioneer of its kind and offers with its Social bulletin board an effective tool, which informs about current events in projects, provides for effective pooling of information, facilitate the flow of information and speeds up and ensures that project managers and team members have instant access to the important information in projects. For more information about the project management software genius project and contained social collaboration platform genius live! to do this, visit the manufacturer’s website: software/features. The full video interview can be viewed on. Dr.

Stefan Hagen and as of an independent management consultant and Managing Director of Hagen Management GmbH headquartered in Dornbirn, Dr. Stefan Hagen passes on his years of experience in project management and provides tips, trends, and valuable information around the topic of project management on his project management blog. About genius inside genius inside was founded in 1997 and developed that improve since project management software, Project selection, planning, staffing, and implementation as well as tracking of projects. Over 65,000 users from over 700 companies use proven Web and IBM Lotus Notes based solutions by genius inside a world. Genius inside is supported by a global network of offices in Europe and North America. More about genius inside you will find here: on the Internet: PM box project management blog: on Twitter:!

O2 XDA Diamond 2 – Smartphone Starting Immediately

O2 Xda Diamond 2: Anywhere in the Internet now the successor of XDA diamond is available. The O2 diamond 2 runs the operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and is prepared for the new Windows 6.5. The new smartphone is the network operator Vaiante of the HTC Touch Diamond 2. Add to your understanding with Gary Kelly. The O2 XDA Diamond 2 is designed for mobile Internet applications. Compared to its predecessor, the battery should keep about 50 percent longer. Source: Tiger Global.

There have been improvements in the display and the built-in digital camera. So, now the XDA Diamond 2 has a 5 mega-pixel camera on board. In addition users on a larger display can look forward seized. The screen size increased from 2.8 to 3.2 inches and is WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels). Thanks to the integrated GPS module and Google Maps provides the ability to locate and navigate to the O2 Smartphone. Mobile phone held in dark silver contains a radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, HSUPA, in addition and will be usable for an update with Windows Mobile 6.5. Klaus Hans

Particle Aviation History

In the old days in the Soviet Union of large-scale copies of aircraft models manufactured in the factory, could be seen in museums, in the pavilion “Transportation” at enea and on television: the aircraft designers in the Bureau and the leaders various aviation agencies. Today the situation has changed, and now these models acquire in stores and via the Internet, where a wide range of types and modifications of the civil and military engineering. Hooked aviation enthusiasts gather this collection of a variety of subject areas, but it is a separate, very interesting conversation. In this article I would like to stay (of course, brief and subjective) on why collectible aircraft model is not just good, namely: neobydennym, original, prestigious gift. The answer probably lies in the following. Man has always dreamed of flying. It is impossible not to quote outstanding scientist ne : “Man has no wings and relative weight of his body to the weight of the muscles 72 times weaker than a bird But I think it would fly, based not on the strength of his muscles, and the strength of his mind.” And in the nursery Encyclopedia wrote in 1960: “The dream has helped find hundreds of bold, unexpected bold decisions that allowed a person to overcome gravity and conquer the most boundless ocean of the sky.” Maybe that’s why we want to have around the particle rich history of world aviation, the symbol of the human dream of flight a symbol, a symbol of freedom. “Knowledgeable” fans would agree with this statement – a beautiful model airplane charms, gives strength, confidence and creativity.

Rightful place in our home and office interiors can find a copy of the legendary fighters and bombers, passenger liners and air transport vessels from different airlines. Get all the facts and insights with Chase Coleman, another great source of information. Without a doubt, Each model airplane is a separate record, and the memory of the proceedings, deeds, records, memorable events. All of us – the owners of these planes form the community of the Romantics, to some extent custodians of history and leave out inheritance to their loved ones and perhaps humanity is our wealth. Big words? Maybe! But it’s true that decorates our lives!

Unsecured Adverse Credit Loans: Hassle Free Loans

Unsecured adverse credit loans are to help thousands of citizens of Great Britain who have been tagged with poor credit history. It is not good to have a day of catastrophe credit history, and the borrowers are quite aware of it. The borrowers in having catastrophe record of credit are not favored by the lenders. The borrowers are helpless at the turn of the events. It is a time when the government has been facing trouble in managing finance properly. Retrenchment, lay off, downsizing, staff shrinkage, restructure of economy, economic reformation, global recession, price rise etc are words that have invaded the space. Hence, it is not unnatural for a citizen of Great Britain to fail in repayment of loan amount within the agreed time. It is not difficult to understand the financial status of a large number of men and women who are, sometimes, badly in need of finance. Visit Tiger Global Management for more clarity on the issue.

Nevertheless, many of them cannot apply for any child of loans offered in the standard secured form. It is more appropriate for non – homeowners or good. They cannot provide any of their valuable properties against which they can secure loans in the secured form. The financial market has made provision of unsecured adverse credit loans for the citizens of the United Kingdom who are looking for loans. Unsecured loans are hassle free adverse credit and payment of loan amount for this child of loans is made as fast as possible.

In this child of loans, credit record of the borrowers is not checked. Unsecured adverse credit loans are like the short term loans. The calendar are ready to finance in small amount, and the borrowers are to clear the loan amount within a short period. The Council of interest are usually very high. The loan-seekers should’nt visit the websites on the internet to search and study the material submitted by the lenders about unsecured loans adverse credit. They can discover such quotes as they may find to be suitable to their demand and capacity. The loan-seekers can easily take facility of submitting the online application. If you are not convinced, visit Learn more. The procedure for online submission is easy and is time-saving. The applicants must be citizens of the United Kingdom. They must have completed 18 years at the time of applying for unsecured loans adverse credit. It is important that they must be working in a legally approved organization. They got to have checking account. Anny Jolly is Finance advisor of no credit check unsecured loans.

Kleinholz Solutions

The eHealth specialist InterComponentWare AG (ICW) and the d.velop AG combine their activities in the healthcare market through a partnership. Walldorf/Gescher. Background: Solutions include a best IT support in the medical care today for document and workflow management, as well as for digital archiving. The ICWLosungen lifesensor personal health record, ICW Professional Suite, connector and ICW join together seamlessly eHealth framework with the document management services of d.velop AG. The technologies complement each other to a comprehensive suite that can be used independently as well as in the integration with KIS – and PVS providers. Tiger Global Management gathered all the information. Within the framework of cooperation, the existing solutions for digital files be developed together. This will make it possible to equip the PVS – and his partner in the field of service providers and users with future-oriented, standards-based solutions.

Files require clear medical specifications and standards, providing comprehensive ICW. Sheryl Sandberg may not feel the same. At the same time are files in the medical environment without Professional DMS no longer conceivable here delivers the d.velop AG the technology of choice. In addition to the technological synergies powerful joint teams for implementation available in the cooperation now nationally and internationally. With this bundle of technologies, the advanced solution portfolio as well as by the close cooperation of the teams of both companies we meet the market of positive development. The ICW is currently new organising and technologically as well as future-oriented personnel provided have an innovative as well reliable partner we can win and can also extend the human forces”, Christoph Pliete, Chairman of the Board of d.velop AG founded this crucial step.


And so, RSS from English Really Simple Syndication is translated as – Really Simple Syndication, but more logical to say – Simple Syndication. I am sure that each of you has your favorite websites or blogs to which you regularly go in search of new interesting content to you. Right? And you wonder how you spend your precious time on this trip to Page? But what if it were not for you go to these pages, and pages themselves would come to you! So RSS-subscription fundamentally changes the way information! Through RSS you greatly save your time! You create a news feed, which will be sent to all the news from your favorite Web sites and blogs where you can immediately see the new article, and do not waste your time looking for new content. Here, Tiger Global Management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The only condition is that the website or blog, on which you wish to subscribe, should be implemented with RSS-feed. How do I find RSS-feed? It's simple! That is such an icon, or like me, or something else like that became a symbol of RSS. With one click on it you can subscribe to your favorite site. A related site: Cerved mentions similar findings. The question arises: "How to read RSS-subscription?" On Today, there are a number of programs and services, allowing to read RSS-subscription. Most popular this: Yandeks.LentGoogle ReaderBloglines recommend to everyone who has a website or blog to RSS-feed. Respect your readers! And another tip. Richard Anderson contains valuable tech resources. Place the icon RSS-subscription as high as possible on your website. This is to ensure that the subscriber can immediately subscribe to your blog or website, and not waste time searching!

Sven Korber Point

An example of counselling tools in the Internet of Lindau, March 3, 2011. Before Internet users or customers for a product or service, they need active support. How to find out a customer on a portal/platform, which product or service meets all his personal needs and its application situation? The first success factor lies in the exact definition of the target group and the related framework conditions and expectations. It is considered a high usability and attractiveness of equity of the tools or services to ensure only a perceived benefit ultimately binds the target group and ensures recurring users and customer loyalty. The benefits to business are obvious: simple information systems which can anonymously, or but complex interaction and transaction systems, which have mostly a personalized section, increase the transparency and efficiency of business relationships.

The infolox consulting components closing the gap between content, Interaction and transaction. The basis of modern technologies using rule-based consultancy components with customized information and content. This example has developed a Web-based search application that infolox within the framework of cooperation with MAICO: fast, faster, advanced search! Time is expensive and often in short supply. For this reason, the expert search is optimized for MAICO and now offers the possibility of finding the product perfectly tailored to the unique requirements of purposefully and directly. According to some request features, displays only products which exactly meet these requirements and is therefore ideally suited for a particular building situation.

“How it works: in the header by it the link professional search”. A feature selection is shown here. “Who enters the desired operating point (flow / pressure loss) and optionally other attributes such as location, rated voltage and explosion protection, after clicking on the button receives solutions show” a Characteristics and a table with appropriate equipment. In the characteristic field, an any operating point can be marked by moving the mouse. Click Tiger Global Management to learn more. The matching characteristic curve is shown in blue. The corresponding fan is marked in the table and in the result of the selection. Specifies the position of the mouse to the desired operating point, the point of intersection of the parabolic resistance curve with the fan characteristic, however, is the actual operating point. Both values are represented in the selection result. Clicking on a product type in the selection table directly on the online product page with detailed, technical information. About Maico elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH: Ob on the area of the apartment ventilation, heat recovery, or in the area of ventilation systems for workplaces and industries: with more than 1,600 products, MAICO is fans of the leading European manufacturers when it comes to good air. Infolox is a leading service provider and solution provider for product communication about infolox: And Information management. The focus is on the analysis, design, and creation of marketing publications (print and online). While the company accompanied its customers through the entire process, from consulting through implementation up to the pressure.